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  • Blazed on Oct. 10, 2013

    This book was provided to me in return for an honest review. Blazed by Corri Lee starts with a lengthy internal reflection by the female protagonist, Emmeline Elizabeth Tudor, now hiding in downtown London as Emmy White. This circling review of her life tells of her psychiatric problems: changing her name to avoid association with her father, having extensive self-depreciating conversations with herself as a hallucinatory image, alcoholic escapism with her friends and an itch for repetitive one-night stands with no seconds, ever, except for her same coven of close friends. Also introduced are her dysfunctional family, enabling friends, understanding co-workers as well as her embarrassing, humiliating first contact with Blaze, who soon becomes her hot, delectable lover with his own past "complications." (Confession: I am jealous of everything about Blaze, wishing I could be as skilled and capable; the baggage fades to a “so what.”) So, dear readers, if you feel bored with this early story development and want to skip ahead to the good, sexy stuff; hark this warning, later all the clues you wish you had read are in the first three chapters. The why, the who and the limits are here. When you read the book the second time, you'll still have some expletives about "there it is but I didn't see it." The animalistic sexual attraction, the emotional roller-coaster, the frustrated angst, the unintended personal reveals, the pithy dialog among all the players, the far more than casual unprotected sex and the playfulness all build with delightful scenes. The rest of the book becomes a swift page turning, edge-of-the-seat story telling that you will put down when your mind tells you're stiff and have to get up, but only for a moment. Yes, the stories will leave you horny, wishfully thinking and desperately excited before you reach the end of part one of a trilogy. This ending is not a cliff-hanger nor is it an HEA, however, the urge to buy the next book is definitely, seductively developed. The next story picks up seamlessly with the same characters but in a new location with new interactions. As you can see, this review is about why you should read this entertaining, smexy book. It doesn't have spoilers tell all the story. Ms Lee uses carefully selected words. Ones that may send you to the Oxford English dictionary for the differences in UK meanings or for the enrichment of your mind when she uses a very special word that just fits. This is a delightful romance with a hotness level that lives up to its name-blazing.