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Cambria Hebert grew up in a small town in rural Maryland. She is married to a United States Marine and has lived in South Carolina, Pennsylvania, North Carolina and back to Pennsylvania again. She is the mother of two young children with big personalities, is in love with Starbucks (give the girl a latte!) and she is obsessed with werewolves. Cambria also has an irrational fear of chickens (Ewww! Gross) and she loves to watch Vampire Diaries and Teen Wolf. Her favorite book genre is YA paranormal, and she can be found stalking that section at her local Barnes and Nobles (which happens to be her favorite place ever!). You can find her never doing math. It makes her head hurt.
Cambria is the author of the Heven and Hell series, a young adult paranormal book series. The series begins with Before, a short story prequel and is followed by the first novel in the series Masquerade. Look for all her titles where all books are sold.
Cambria also co-hosts a live, internet blog radio talk show, JournalJabber, ( where she dishes about books, publishing and everything in between: hair in a can, toilet snakes, chicken phobias, etc..
You can find Cambria on Facebook, Good Reads, Twitter and her website for her latest crazy antics and the scoop on all things Heven and Hell.

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1982: Maneater (Love in the 80s: A New Adult Mix)
Price: $2.99 USD. Words: 36,880. Language: English. Published: March 25, 2016 by WaWa Productions. Categories: Fiction » Romance » New adult, Fiction » Romance » Short stories
Watch out, girls. Here she comes. There’s always that girl. She’s popular, beautiful, and has everything together. Everyone loves her. Because everyone is afraid to challenge her. She always gets what she wants. Including your man. Maneater. There hasn’t been a single guy Kelly hasn’t been able to chew up and spit out. Until now. Kelly has finally met her match.
Dangerous Lovers
Price: $0.99 USD. Words: 550,400. Language: English. Published: March 20, 2014. Categories: Fiction » Literary collections » Female authors, Fiction » Romance » Paranormal
A collection of novels including and not limited to dangerous lovers, action and adventure. Blood Warrior by HD Gordon, Rivulet by Jamie Magee, Switch by Janelle Stalder, Charmed by Cambria Hebert, Dark Waltz by AM Hargove, Damaged by Becca Vincenza

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Smashwords book reviews by Cambria Hebert

  • Mourning Sun on April 18, 2011

    Mourning Sun is a quick easy read that draws you in with an interesting mix of characters. Though it started off a little slow the book really comes to life when Mairin, a girl who is a magnet for all things metaphysical, starts to learn the secrets of those around her. At the center of it all is Mathias, a vampire with a soul, and the love of her life. Unforuntely no one else can see how good he really is-including the angel that her mother is dating-and Mairin lets their judgements and the terrifying dreams that she has about him tear them apart. Then a werepanther and a demigod burst onto the scene and things get intersting! Xavier, the werepanther, feels a deep sense of responsiblity to keeping the town safe and he thinks Mathias is a threat. Along with a not so nice demigod they go after Mathias. The end of the book comes quickly-too quickly!-and the reader is left wondering what is going to happen next. When there is a town filled with so much paranormal you know that things are going to get interesting! I will definitely be checking out Captured Sun, the second book of the Highland Home series, to see what's next for Mairin and Mathias!
  • On Dark Shores 1: The Lady on May 25, 2011
    (no rating)
    Title: On Dark Shores: The Lady Author: JA Clement Publisher: Weasel Green Press March 2011 AISN: B004S7JCYG Format: E-book (Paperback, coming soon) In the tiny harbor town of Scarlock, the residents are dominated by fear. They live in trepidation of when the next visit from Copeland, the town moneylender, will come. Copeland takes pride in the fact that he ‘runs’ the town and is increasingly demanding in the money and goods he collects. Blakey is Copeland’s bodyguard and the man that does all the dirty work around town-such as beating people up when they don’t pay on time. In order to pay Copeland’s demands for money, Nereia has chosen the life of a pick pocket. In order to protect her sister, Nereia must get bolder every time she steals. Unfortunately, Copeland has decided he has a new way for Nereia to pay her debts, and this way means that Nereia must sacrifice not only her pride and honor but her body and soul. To save herself and her sister Nereia, must make some tough choices and change her life forever. Let me start out this review by talking about the cover. It is gorgeous! I love the shades of blue and the images. There is something still and eerily beautiful about it. I could sit and look at the cover image for an hour and never be bored. On Dark Shores: The Lady is a quick read that introduces you into the small town of Scarlock and to the people who live there. It gives you the beginning of what I think will be quite the tale! Nereia is a very strong character that I admired quite often throughout the book. This woman has a real backbone! She was the only person that was ever confident enough to stand up to Copeland even a little bit. Sure, she had to do what he demanded, but at least she told him how unhappy she was about it while she was doing it. Everything she did was to protect her young, innocent sister, Mary, who she tried desperately to keep away from Copeland. It was touching to me how she could go out by day, square her shoulders and steal and be quick lipped with anyone who challenged her but then go home to their very modest home and be soft and kind to her sister. Copleand was another character that I found fascinating. I have to say, I didn’t like him (and you probably won’t either-considering the heinous things he does against people), but I was drawn to figure out why he was so controlling, uncaring and without conscious. It was almost as if he had two people living inside of him. There was personality number one, who wanted power and money, but needed Blakey to be the enforcer. Then there was personality number two who was sick and very violent. Copeland tried to maintain a very tight control over himself, so it was personality number one that we often saw….but then sometime number two would come out, and boy was it ugly!! Blakey was a washed up boxer with a shoulder injury who seemed to have no problem doing Copleand’s bidding…at least that’s what the reader thinks at first. He is a character that probably should have been unlikable, yet, I liked him. Getting to know him, the reader gets to see another side of him-the more human side. This Blakey fellow might actually be my favorite character of the book. While the characters in this story were very good and always managed to evoke a strong reaction from me I have to say that while reading this book I was sometimes confused. I had a hard time following the beginning, and I still am not quite clear on what the Shantari’s role is in any of this. There are a lot of characters in this story, and I have yet to discover exactly what role each of them play. However, JA Clement did include a glossary of names and terminology at the end of the book. It did help to understand a few things, and I wished I had the glossary at the beginning of the book and not the end. This reviewer has it on good authority (it was in the back of the book-hehehe) that two more “On Dark Shores” books are in the editing stages with plenty more to come. In these future books I am sure that the things I am left wondering about will be answered, and I will be left saying, Ahh -Hah! Review is written by Cambria Hebert
  • Vampires Rule on June 09, 2011

    Title: Vampires Rule Author: K.C. Blake ISBN: 9181458059 Published by: K.C. Blake April 2011 Format: E-book They don’t call him Jackpot for nothing… To me, Jack is like a cat. He has got way more than one life. As a teenager he is attacked by a blood thirsty werewolf and is saved by a vampire. Fast forward ten years and he has finally come to accept his fate as a vamp (although he isn’t truly happy), and he has made friends who have become family. But then one night everything changes. He is attacked by another werewolf. Except something strange happens…he doesn’t die…even though he probably should have. Instead he’s turned mortal once more. Enthralled by his new chance at life, Jack wants nothing but to be normal. To have the life he wished for as a vampire. But with Jackpot normal isn’t in the cards. He meets Silver, a hunter who is as strong as she is beautiful, and she tells him that he has a destiny to fulfill. If that wasn’t enough for one guy to hear she also tells him that everything paranormal wants him dead. So what’s a used-to-be vampire, now a fragile human, supposed to do to protect himself? Hide behind the girl he loves? Nope. (That would just be wimpy) He gets new powers. That’s right and they are pretty surprising. So, now, Jack not only has to figure out how to live in a body that isn’t exactly familiar, but he has to do it while figuring out his destiny and staying alive. K.C. Blake has a good thing going here. The characters in this book were all likable and the plot is very interesting. I really liked the mix of characters all thrown together in one plot. And all those characters made sense; they had a place in the story. There were werewolves (yes, my personal fave), vampires, hunters, wraiths, and even some mention of a faerie named Lovely. I think the character that I enjoyed most in this book was Jack. I thought that his character was a clever twist on the same old vampire story. This is the first book that I have read that a vampire turns mortal once again. He was vulnerable, yet strong and young but very old. My favorite parts of the book were when Jack described the world the way he saw it through his own eyes. I mean, really, when else does a person get to hear what life is like as a vampire and then as a mortal? Then he begins to develop powers…powers that when combined together have the makings for one bad boy. I also really like Jersey (yup, you guessed it…the werewolf). I liked the juxtaposition in this character. He was ruthless, yet he was a gentleman. He would rip off your head, but quote Robert Frost while doing it. And he liked to wear red sneakers. He had a magnetic personality that drew a person in and invited them to stay. Just scratching the surface of Jersey, I could tell that there was a lot of emotion and depth to be had. Silver was the hunter (with a pretty awesome name!), and a very strong character. She could be dying inside but she would never show that to the world. In some ways, that made her more vulnerable than the rest to me. This was a girl who had been groomed her entire life to fulfill a destiny, she was taught that she had a responsibility and a duty to those around her. At the same time her parents tried to protect her – which only made it harder to do what she was destined to do. She didn’t have time to be a girl and have feelings of her own. But she did. Quietly, internally…and when she met Jack her feeling became too strong to contain. I must say that the one thing that this book lacked was time. The book is 216 pages and to me it could have been longer. I would have loved the time to really get to know the characters – and for the plot to have developed even further. If I was able to pick up all of the above from the story then imagine how much more the reader could have connected to the story with even further characterization. I would loved to have seen more development between Jack and his brother and more development of Jack himself. I was so interested in his transitions and how he must feel in his body and I think that getting into that more would make him an even better character. I felt the same about Jersey, who was centuries old and seen so much throughout his life. It would have been fabulous backstory on him to know how he got to be the way he is today. K.C. Blake is a very good writer who weaves a story well. I would recommend picking up a copy of this book for a quick, entertaining summer read. Keep in mind that Werewolves Rule, the second book in this series, will be along soon. Which means there is more to the story and that makes this reviewer one happy girl. Review is written by Cambria Hebert
  • Paradox - The Angels Are Here (Book 1) on June 27, 2011

    Title: Paradox - The Angels Are Here Author: Patti Roberts Format: Ebook Published by Patti Roberts via Smashwords 2011 Genre: paranormal ISBN: 0011154802 The definition of Paradox: A seemingly illogical or self-contradictory statement or suggestion, that may, in fact, be very true. There’s something different about Grace’s life…but she doesn’t know it. For some reason she can’t ever make a friend and the only one she does manage to make is someone she has to keep secret. Why? Because she is an angel that no one else can see. Grace’s father seems to know why Grace is different and why there are angels surrounding his precious daughter…but unfortunately he never gets the chance to tell Grace anything about her life…her destiny. When Grace’s time with her father is unexpectedly cut short and her life falls apart, the young girl doesn’t wonder why she suddenly makes friends with the new girl next door. She doesn’t wonder why the girl is wise beyond her years. She also doesn’t realize that her father’s death might not be an accident… Years before Grace was born a great battle between the Gods raged. The God’s were raging a battle over the humans and the humans were not winning. AbaddonGrigorian is searching for someone amongst the battle – a human – a girl. He believed that once he possessed this girl that he would Reign Supreme over everyone – including his brother, Cerberus, the current ruler of the city. But first he had to find her…. Let me start off by saying that the cover art and the book trailer to this book is fabulous. You can find the trailer here: Book Trailer Paradox – The Angels Are Here is a novella. For those of you who aren’t familiar with that term a novella is a short story. The epub book that I read was one hundred and fifteen pages. It is in this reviewers opinion that this story would have been better suited as a full length novel. Why? Because a full length novel has more time. More time to really get to the meat of the story and really give the reader something to grasp. While I really enjoyed the premise for the story I felt like it had only just begun. I realize that because this is a short story it was meant to be the beginning of a series of novellas with each one unfolding more of the plot. However, this book never really gave the readers any answers…it left us all questioning everything. To me, the reader has to understand some things in order to want to find out the rest. The book started out with a woman (or angel?) named Juliette telling the reader a story about her life 900 years ago. Then we move to the preface about a young woman (not identified) listening to a story told by a stranger. A story that she realizes answers a lot of her questions would be answered by a missing girl. I am assuming that this missing girl is Grace – though it is never clarified. Then chapter one begins in the year of 1080 AD with the Gods and the fall of the Imperial City. While, I loved all the parts of the book, it jumped around a bit as you can see. It wasn’t hard to follow, but I did have a hard time understanding why and how all these parts were linked together. Then the story takes us to 2001 with an eight year old Grace. The story then continues to progress and by the end of the book Grace is eleven. During the rest of the book the chapters switch between Grace and 1080 AD with the God’s. I really enjoyed reading about Grace. I liked her character. I thought she was very believable and the things that she endured during her young life were heartbreaking. I thought that Patti Roberts did an excellent job writing about the grief of a young girl over the death of her father. I really connected with this because my own father died when I was eleven, and I had felt a lot like Grace had. Some of her inner thoughts about her father’s death really struck a chord within me and brought a tear to my eye. I was also moved by the poignant loss that Grace’s mother, Kate, displayed at the loss of her husband. I really feel like this story could have been made better by a really good content editing. There were some places in the story where the narrative POV shifts and it is confusing. Most of the book is written in third person but sometimes it seemed like first person slipped in. These errors interrupted the flow of reading and sometimes made me pause to figure out who was feeling or thinking what. At times I noticed that the tense of the novella shifted from past to present, which also created an interruption of reading. I really enjoyed the chapters from 1080 AD. The world of the Imperial City and the Gods are something that I was really drawn into. The way they thought, the way they lived and interacted with one another was so different than what we know now. I found it fascinating and almost wished there had been more about them. The detail was rich and all the characters were striking and strong – even when they were being vile (incest anyone?). I really found myself wanting to crawl into their minds to see what made them tick. I think the biggest downfall (for me) with this book is that I never really understood how Grace could possibly be connected to something that dated all the way back to AD. I mean, is Abbadon still alive? Is he still looking for the girl…could it be Grace reincarnated over the centuries? If so, why? Why did angels seem to rally around her and why aren’t all of these angels good? I never really could see how the God’s world connected with Grace’s world. I think that the chapters sometimes switching between present day and AD would have worked if the reader had been able to see some sort of parallel between the characters or the worlds. When I put the book down I just didn’t see how all these people were connected. And I want to know. I think this is an original plot line. I love the Gods and the angels involvement. I really want to know how all of this centers around one girl… I would recommend this book if you are looking for an interesting plot line and if you are a patient reader. Do not expect to get answers to any of your questions from book one. I am hoping that book two comes together and really shows the reader exactly how these people’s lives connect. This review is written by Cambria Hebert
  • Seranfyll on July 08, 2011

    Title: Seranfyll Author: Christina Daley Genre: Fantasy Publisher: May 2011 by Christina Daley AISN: B00508VT3Y Format: Ebook Rain was born into slavery; it’s all she’s ever known. She has never had any possessions and doesn’t even have a proper name. Yet, in her thirteen years of life, she has been lucky. She lives with her sister, Snow, under the control of Lord Peachtree who treats his slaves as humans. But her life is about to change. Because Lord Peachtree has a little problem…okay, a big problem. With gambling. And he settles a debt with Rain. So she is ripped from the only home she has known and sent off with a thief who only wants to sell her to the highest bidder. Luck is on her side once more in the form of an eccentric man. Domrey Seranfyll comes to market one day, drawing everyone’s stares. Because he’s drunk. And he’s singing. Did I mention that he is riding backwards? Everyone in town starts whispering, calling him the devil and watching him warily. They whisper about a flying horse and a cursed Manor. He causes quite the stir when he purchases ten slaves and then leads them from the square while still singing. Rain isn’t sure what to make of this man and his huge manor that has been neglected for years. What is even stranger is that instead of putting the slaves to work he hands them all their name papers and sets them free. A slave for thirteen years and a freeman for thirteen seconds, Rain has no idea what to do or where to go. So she stays. And cleans up after the passed out drunk. All the other slaves leave except for Coal, who stays behind to look after Rain. As Rain and Coal begin to unlock the secrets of the enchanted estate (like brooms and mops that walk on their own! And apple trees that move!), they begin to wonder if the rumors they heard in town are true…could Domrey Seranfyll be the devil and would he curse them when he wakes from his drunken stupor? Seranfyll is quite a charming tale. The pages practically gleam with glittering enchantment. If you like fairytales and the possibility that there might be more to life than meets the eye then this book is certainly for you. And if you don’t believe in such possibilities then you might after you read this book. I’ll be honest and say that I was really doubtful when I first started this book. Only because Rain is thirteen and I was afraid that the book would be a little young to really pull me in. I myself, am not thirteen anymore, and I thought that I might not relate to her that well. In this book age is just a number because Rain is not thirteen. She has the maturity of a girl much older. Probably because of the way she was raised and her life up until the start of the book. Even throughout the book Rain matures, which is fabulous for character development. It is really is good writing when you can see a character progress and change. Which, really, all three main characters do. They all grow in the relationships that they have with each other. And often times they test each other, they don’t always get along but they are bonded together and that makes it possibly to find their way back to what really matters. I loved reading as Rain developed, deciding upon what kind of person she would be. She is a very gentle soul but does learn that sometimes you must speak up for yourself. She also accomplishes things and experiences things that she never thought possible…and I’m not talking magic here, though I’ll get to that. She meets the king, learns to read and write, and grows an inner confidence that shines. Domrey is another character that grows throughout the story. In the beginning he comes off as silly, indulgent and selfish. And very, very immature. But really, deep down he feels alone and insecure. Even though it appears that his life has been charmed you learn that it hasn’t. By the end of the book you see him as a man with flaws but also a man who is fiercely loyal, generous to a fault and filled with good intentions. What he does for Coal changed everything in the way the reader viewed him. And okay…he still might be a bit immature…but do you know any guy who isn’t? Coal is another strong character. He is stubborn, proud and jaded. The perfect contrast to Domrey and Rain. He tends to be pessimistic and lacks the dialogue to say what it is he wants to say so he comes off as gruff and abrasive. And might I add that he is far beyond the mindset of a thirteen year old. The relationship dynamic is fantastic between these three and I loved that you could see them really working to create a family. In that respect the book seemed very real. Now, onto flying horses and brooms that clean on their own… Added in with all characterization was the enchantment. And I was really charmed by the manor and the things that came to life. It reminded me a lot of the castle from Beauty and the Beast and all the things that lived within its walls. My favorite was the worn and broken mop and bucket that would work tirelessly along with Rain to clean. They were like eager puppies wanting to please their owner. The other brooms, mops and buckets were very naughty. The flying horses were also fabulous and the knitting of magic blankets to cover their wings was just really clever. I also, thoroughly enjoyed the apple tree who would offer its sweet fruit when asked. There is one more thing I would like to touch on before I close. The romance element. I know you might be scratching your head here because there is not romantic element in the story. And that’s okay because it doesn’t belong. These people are building a family. The girl is thirteen and well, just because. BUT as I was reading I (and maybe it’s just me) couldn’t help but wonder as Rain aged how the relationship she had with Coal and Domrey would change. Would it? I could see the chemistry she had with both men. There was the way she argues with Coal as they were old and married to the way she and Domrey seemed to just fit together like two halves of a whole. The way she would lay in bed and watch the light in his observatory and be comforted made me think that maybe she had feelings for him she had yet to name. It would be quite the love triangle. And did Domrey feel more for Rain that a brotherly/sisterly bond? Was he merely getting to know her and allowing her to come into herself before he declared his love? And, would the three settle into a family brother/sister relationship (that they seemed to really work toward) and then any chance of more would be lost? I sincerely hope that Ms. Daley is planning a sequel…maybe fast forwarding two or three years into the future so this can be explored. And also with the all enchanting possibilities this story would make a great series. You should read this book on a day when the dark clouds are heavy with rain and rumble with thunder because it is the type of book that you can really escape into with a blanket in your lap and a steaming drink (like a latte!) at your elbow. So there you have it. My opinion. This review is written by Cambria Hebert