My name is Camille and I am currently studying for my master's degree in the realm of museology, culture & library science. I have a B.A in Language, Literature and History of the English-speaking world. Born and raised in France, I am fluent in English and French. I have always been interested in writing, that is probably why I started the blog The English-Speaking Frenchie back in 2015. Now, it is a bilingual blog on which I share life advice for you to live a more balanced life.

Given that the question I get asked the most is by far "How are you able to speak so many languages?", I have decided write the book entitled Learn Any Language in 11 Steps to help my readers and anyone who would feel like reading understand how I managed to know 5 languages by the age of 20.

In addition to my studies, I am a freelance proofreader, translator and writer so if you would like to talk about your next book or article, feel free to contact me through LinkedIn or via my website.

I hope you will enjoy, Camille.

Smashwords Interview

When did you first start writing?
I started writing my very first "short story" when I was 8. It was about a cute white rabbit and a young girl discovering that in spite of their differences, they may become really good friends. I have never published it, but if I find it, I will be happy to post in somewhere on my blog!
What is the greatest joy of writing for you?
I would say it is as much in the process than in the result. I have been writing for free since the beginning, so my joy does not come from profit at all. It comes from grabbing a cup of coffee in the morning and writing next to my cat. It comes from talking about ideas with my loved ones, and it comes from helping readers improve their knowledge and self-esteem.
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Learn Any Language in 11 Steps.
Price: Free! Words: 6,120. Language: English. Published: May 18, 2020. Categories: Nonfiction » Education & Study Guides » Study guides - Foreign Languages, Nonfiction » Self-improvement » Personal Growth / General
That book is a short guide which aims to help you enjoy language-learning a lot more. Have you ever felt like learning a foreign language was just "not for you"? Thanks to this guide, you will see why the mainstream method is bad for most individuals. You will also discover a brand new method based on YOUR own needs, the method I have used to become a polyglot who now masters 5 languages.