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Candace L. Bowser is a freelance writer of fiction. She was a writer for PRS in Kansas City during the 1980's and was voted one of the Top 20 Prolific Writers of 2011 at AKGmag. Though her favorite genre to write is dark romance/horror, she does not like to be limited to a single genre. Candace also writes adventure, suspense, intrigue, and mystery. Her books are an interesting blend of historical events, people, and places blended with fiction. Under the pen-name of Hargrove Perth, Candace writes New Adult as well as dark romance/eroticism..Originally from Altoona, PA, she currently resides in Kansas City with her husband Todd of twenty-seven years.

Smashwords Interview

What is the greatest joy of writing for you?
The greatest joy for me is the response from my readers and fans. I don't limit myself to a single genre which enables me to reach a wide range of readers. The Dead Claim Their Own is a classic turn of the century ghost story whereas under my pen name of Hargrove Perth the Quintessential Gentleman is an extremely graphic novel about a serial killer in the late 1800's. Many of my books blend fiction with historical characters. This is where I receive the most praise from my readers which really delights me to the core. Every author wants their work to stand out somehow. I am glad I found a niche that my readers love as well.
What do your fans mean to you?
Fans are everything to me, and I am not just saying that to be coy. I once had someone message me on Facebook and ask me if I would sign several copies they had purchased for their sister for her birthday and wanted to know what I charged! I was not only floored but also humbled by the fact they would ask me what I charged! I agreed to meet them at a local grocery store, with my husband in tow, and signed all three books. I don't think that is something that could ever be forgotten. When someone says 'hey, I read your book and it was really great' how can you not want to meet them and sign it for them?
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