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I love to read, scrapbook and sew. JAFF fan. I have 5 kids, I homeschool the youngest two. I write book reviews, among other things, on my blog.

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  • A Fair Prospect: Disappointed Hopes on May 05, 2013

    I loved this story! A Fair Prospect: Disappointed Hopes is the first of an epic three volume Pride and Prejudice inspired story. A Fair Prospect: Disappointed Hopes begins at Hunsford right as Darcy has made his disastrous proposal to Elizabeth. Events are changed by Grafton, not only did the proposal take place outside in the rain, but they also have to endure another evening together as the party of the parsonage is invited to dine at Rosings the next day. I loved seeing what Darcy and Elizabeth are thinking and feeling! Grafton doesn’t rush through each scene. She let’s us experience the moment from both Darcy and Elizabeth’s point of view. I could feel Darcy’s despair and anguish over losing Elizabeth, and Elizabeth’s anger and then surprise as her feelings were slowly changing for Darcy. We see the awkwardness they were feeling as they dined together, wanting to know what the other was thinking. Colonel Fitzwilliam, I so love him! He is just the way I like him to be in a story; humorous, loyal, and determine to get to the bottom of Darcy’s gloomy mood. And the Colonel can see clearly that Darcy needs his help, whether Darcy wants it or not. I love Georgiana as well! She is stronger and smarter and has moved on from her episode with Wickham. Although Darcy doesn’t seem to realize it as he puts on a happy face in front of her, but she can see through his facade and is putting the pieces of his heartache together. I'm also feeling a bit anxious about Nicholas, a childhood friend of Lizzy’s. I’m wondering if Darcy’s going to have a little competition in attaining Elizabeth’s attentions. I loved A Fair Prospect: Disappointed Hopes! The three volumes do NOT stand alone. It is a continuing story. You'll find a “To be continued in Volume II - Darcy’s Dilemma” at the end of this Volume. Thank goodness Volume II is already out, and Volume III should be out in May sometime! Which is wonderful! I won’t have to wait that long between Volumes! **I was provided an e-copy of the book for my honest review.**