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  • Holy Hell on Sep. 14, 2012

    I thoroughly enjoyed this well-written, page-turning, vivid, story and its humor. It contains a wonderful look-see of growing up in the 40s and 50s that will evoke lots of memories and emotions. To anyone who “has been there done that” in regards to the religious life, may appreciate the struggle, angst, and the search for meaning. Anyone who has not will find the same, especially in these troubling, confusing and uncertain times. It calls to mind the kind of chronic depression or sadness that wears away joy in life. I find that it describes the kind of gloom I feel as we head into this 2012 election. Yet there is hope and meaning. Like any work of art, it can be viewed and read on multiple levels. It is based on a true experience and personal views and struggles that have universal appeal. The account of the 1940s RCA Victor combination radio phonograph player impacted me. We had one too; it is still in the family and still works. It played a role in the salvation of my early life. The author describes well the confusion and struggle of family life. I like to think that there is no such thing as a dysfunctional family. All families function, just not in the way some others deem appropriate. Those who live in such dysfunction as defined by others or themselves and who have no other experience to which to relate can only come to the conclusion that this is somehow normal. How can one criticize that? In regards to the matter of religion and sexuality, there is plenty of “grist for the mill.” So, simply enjoy a good page turning read of a real life experience of a good storyteller’s version of “man’s search for meaning.” Or, delve deeper into the struggle to find sense in that, which does not seem to make sense. Either way, you won’t be disappointed.