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Piper Westwood has been immersed in the world of fiction since she was a little girl, where she spent hours upon hours reading and writing to her heart's content. Now as a bona fide adult, Piper works as a freelance journalist and writes slash fanfiction and gay erotica in her spare time. When Piper has the time she loves to travel the world, meeting new people, seeing new sights and eating delicious foreign cuisines.

Piper is a big lover of pushing the boundaries of society and sexuality, creating characters and worlds where anything is possible and where any kind of sexual need is explored and realized in the safety of a fantasy world.



Good Things Come to Those Who Wait (Gay Military Romance Erotica)
Price: $1.29 USD. Words: 8,120. Language: English. Published: July 26, 2013. Categories: Fiction » Erotica » Gay Erotica, Fiction » Romance » Erotic
The first time Lt. James Browen set eyes on Second Lt. John Dillon he was sure he’d never seen anything so beautiful in his life. The fact that he was a man wasn't lost on him. Most wouldn't think of a man as beautiful; handsome, striking, rugged and even manly, but not usually beautiful. To James though, he was beautiful...
A Night at Glitterati - Sexual Discovery Series (Gay Erotica Romance Novel)
Series: Sexual Discovery Series (Gay Erotic Short Story), Book 1. Price: $1.29 USD. Words: 6,910. Language: American English. Published: May 23, 2013. Categories: Fiction » Erotica » Gay Erotica, Fiction » Gay & lesbian fiction » Gay
(4.00 from 1 review)
When Jackson Ackerman decides that he is finally ready to get rid of his pesky virginity he visits the local gay nightclub Glitterati. There he meets Tristan Jameson, a 6'5" Greek god and the man of his dreams made incarnate. When Jackson and Tristan meet it has far reaching effects that go farther than just that night and will change Jackson's life in ways he never imagined.

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  • Avatar Gods on July 16, 2013

    I wasn't sure what I would be getting when I purchased "Avatar Gods", but I ended up finding an imaginative short story that blended futuristic technology, intrigue, political suspense and just plain old science fiction fun. In the book, a select group of people have retreated in a VR world to create a utopia of their own, but that world is threatened by the US government. So, in league with their leader Afroditee and the avatar gods like her, they wage a war against their oppressors in an effort to finally be free and live the life that they dream of. Using a wonderful blend of excellent writing that allows the reader to create vivid images of the book in their mind to a fantastic attention to detail and the use of full formed characters, "Avatar Gods" is an imaginative short story that will draw you in and make a covert out of you!
  • Young Warlock on July 28, 2013

    I was surprised at how much I enjoyed this novel. I'm not usually one for fantasy, but I was intrigued by the plot and gave it a try. The young wizard, Dekor, is a wizard who has a great amount of desire for power, for knowledge, a thirst for the ability to prove his worth and to be more than what he is seen as. This leads him on a journey that has far reaching consequences and that begins an epic fantasy story with Dekor and his wizardry at that heart of it. Mathew Bridle manages to weave a story that will pull you in and captivate in you in turn as he builds a world where magic, dragons, undead hordes, elves, dwarfs and more pieces together a novel that will quite literally put a spell on you.
  • Thump on March 10, 2014

    "Thump" is the kind of intensely riveting novel that hooks you from the very beginning and sends you on a tumultuous journey of lust, intrigue, greed, power, sexual harassment and racial tension. It's a drama that deals with sex and racism, office liaisons and questionable actions; it's sharp, well-written, vividly engaging and rife with tension that sets a wonderfully compelling tone from start to finish. Avraham Azrieli does an excellent job of pulling the reader into the story, building up layer upon layer as characters are introduced, intentions are revealed and a courtroom battle takes place that is as dramatic as it is captivating. The story is filled with thoughtful commentary on everything from discrimination to racism and sexism. It's the kind of story that you just have to finish and that lingers with you long after the story is over. Overall, I was completely captivated by "Thump" and the author's talent at drawing me into the story. As an introduction to Avraham Azrieli as an author I think this was a promising start to a successful career as an author.