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  • Under By Duress on Jan. 05, 2013

    I am being honest when I say initially I didn't know whether to award 3 or 4 stars...then I thought why 3? It is a good and enjoyable story, but I really had to suspend disbelief to accept the actions and behaviour of Tahima the female protagonist with Gian Rossini within the timescale given. Who in real life would want to jump the bones within 24 hours, of this good looking man who she thinks at that time is a New York mafia bosses son, who has killed his father, and he a well known Dom, whilst she is suffering emotionally from some really bad experiences with a lover Dom whom she had trusted and its hinted has done something awful to her that temporarily destroyed her? Then I thought you have watched plays where suspension of disbelief made the play brilliant but wouldn't work in real do the same with this story and I have to give it 4 stars for... The physical and chemical attraction between Tahima and Gian that leads to some erotic scenes and within a very short time, but for Tahima with a difference. Her serious damage from past fiance and boy did I want Kayla Stonor, the author to write a detailed come uppance for that failed there Kayla, sorry. We get a what will probably be. Readers enjoy detailed retribution against nasty antagonists, probably because of so much injustice in real life and it's good to redress the balance through creative fiction. I digress... the difference is Tahima finds herself switch role from submissive to taking control, power and Dommes over Gian with some physical discipline, even if it seems to be role play it is good for her self esteem. Gian Rossini, despite his connections and crime, not forgetting his nature as a Dominant male seems to be aware instinctively of this, yet allows her dominance and administration of painful controlling discipline to him, which he finds a turn on... surprise surprise. I know of people in real life this happens with, so it is plausible. There is some good adventure and close calls on the survival trek. The Hank experience, humiliating, fearful, I kept saying zap the b****** now, now, come on, don't do this to I'm involved with the characters Kayla created, which is good. The ending I saw coming but was glad. I could have cheerfully read the last scene to it's climactic end and felt a little deprived as I do when I read a HEA and they head off in the distance while nosy voyeur me wants to spy a little longer on their lives and story. So the good outweighed the disbelief...and it is of a good literary standard and edited, hence I go for 4 stars overall.
  • Yvonne: A Courtesan's Compulsion on Jan. 20, 2013

    Wow, I loved it, I hated it...I'm all messed up in my head. This is a deviously well thought out plot, well written, and edited. It is also a total mind-fuck, excuse my language but that is the only word that aptly describes what i have just read and the effect it's had on me. Yvonne, the privileged in wealth and social standing and as so often the case, deprived and needy emotionally, neglected by parents who send her to boarding school and subsequently a paid allowance and apartment in Paris to assuage their responsibilities and your left with a needy young woman. Now a courtesan but never a whore, to the man she is convinced she loves and hopes and believes loves her. Part of her yearns for exclusivity yet accepts he may not be a one woman man and she is a paid consort for whatever he wants of her...within reason. Here lies the crux of one problem. She takes a journey thinking she follows his instructions, which are ordered to the letter, but the events that occur to her for the slightest breach of these criteria set for her to adhere to and strictly will need an open mind by the reader to say the least. Sadistic punishments for the slightest infringement. She questions her treatment, people she crosses, an old school friend Lysette and lover. Each time she thinks she has found help, adversity follows. Then her training, humiliation, debauchery, debasement in so many ways, not least birch and then the terror of the piercings, at which point i was angry at her manipulation toward sexual slavery and I loved it and hated it...her state of confusion, fear, aloneness tore my compassion and even traumatized me at times that I had to leave the story for a break but couldn't walk away. I had to know what Lindsey Brooks had in store for his character, Yvonne. I'm still angry at her betrayal by is not a satisfactory place to leave her in my mind and heart. I'm not happy and yes I would and will at some time read it all over again. I admired her journey, her new found courage but ill found trust and future. So why can't I say this is just a story, a fantasy, a character...I don't know, perhaps it is the quality of the writer that makes me feel for her this way. OK love it and hate's good and I would like to give part of it a crap star rating but see the clever quality so give it it's due - 5 star. Oh and Mr Brooks you really are sadistic at times!
  • A Real Boy on Dec. 03, 2013

    This is a short story by J.L.Merrow, a take on the Pinnochio story of a wooden puppet, probably familiar to most children through the Disney film of that name. Yet this is a story that has similar characters, most main elements of the original story but with a twisted deviancy as to what grows with lies and the underlying sense of humour, laced with sarcasm that is both hilarious, clever and the telling of which is very British. I loved it, yet am also aware that there is a level that leaves me uncomfortable but that JLM has covered as well as can be by ensuring wooden boy becomes human young man. I loved Fairy Twinkerbell, should we ever have this as alternate panto I see dear Julian Clary as perfect for the role. Has to be a good four stars from me, has a good standard, and use of the English language, loved the alliteration...pummelled his pine nut prostate...and has been edited. I recommend it to adult BDSM readers who enjoy m/m story lines.(less)