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Smashwords book reviews by Carol P.

  • Murder on Everest (A Summit Murder Mystery) on Jan. 18, 2011

    Charles Irion and Ronald Watkins create a riveting mystery on a quest to summit Mt. Everest. From cover to cover I was taken on an adventure, filled with mystery, murder, sex and betrayal. When this expedition starts out, the cast of characters ranges from A Media Mogul, mountaineers, Sherpa, a pesky blogger, ex-wives, Maoist insurgents, a film crew, and more. The authors describe the list of characters, the breathtaking scenery, and mountaineering in the hostile and unforgiving environment. They also take time to throw in historical and cultural content. The climbing sequences are thrilling, descriptions of high altitude weather will numb your fingers while the suspense will glue you to your chair. Bundle up in front of the fire and prepare yourself for an adventure you are not soon to forget!
  • Murder on Elbrus (A Summit Murder Mystery) on Jan. 18, 2011

    Scott Devlon is at it again, after all of the mayhem he experienced on the Mt. Everest Climb, he hopes to attend a conference and have a peaceful adventure while summiting Mt. Elbrus. Not so, with the murder of the First Prime Minister of Russia. As in Murder on Everest, Scott once again finds himself to be a prime suspect for the wrongdoing and finds himself being chased down by the Russian Army. Not sure who he can trust, people with their own agendas and an every growing series of obstacles. You will be completely enveloped in the history and culture of the surrounding area while engrossed in the romance, gun fights and mayhem in this action packed murder mystery. You won’t want to miss this page turner…………
  • Murder on Mt. McKinley (A Summit Murder Mystery) on Jan. 18, 2011

    Irion and Watkins continue to mesmerize with the continuation of the Summit Murder Mystery series, Murder on Mt. McKinley. Scott Devlon finds himself on yet another climb with a few old friends and several new dangerous characters. The controversy of building another pipeline in Alaska has the attention of Russians trying to find a way to cash in, while Native Americans and Environmentalists are concerned about the preservation the native lands. A lot to contend with, for the major Oil Companies and mountaineers hoping for an uneventful scenic climb to summit Mr. McKinley. As I’ve learned a lot about the dangers involved in mountaineering in the previous books in this series, there always seems to be yet one more obstacle. Sometimes that can be dangerous agendas and other times Mother Nature has a hand. This is another extraordinary journey, sit back and enjoy the beauty of Alaska and the murder and mayhem that always seem to follow Scott Devlon.