Carole Schroeder


I am an award-winning researcher, academic, and clinician with over 35 years experience in the misnamed ‘health’ care system. My work has always focused on critical evaluation and improvement of health care, framed by the question,

“Does this make sense?” A resounding “NO!” motivated my approach to teaching, research and writing.

Iris Young’s famous statement of hope and action also framed my work:

“It does not have to be this way. It could be otherwise.”

While completing doctoral work at the University of Colorado, I worked as Research Coordinator at the School of Nursing and the Denver Nursing Project in Human Caring (a nurse managed center for people with HIV/AIDS). I moved to Seattle for a postdoctoral fellowship in 1994 at the University of Washington, School of Nursing.

There, I focused on critical evaluation of health systems. At the UW, I worked as an Associate Professor of Nursing and Adjunct in Women Studies. Appointed Vice Dean of the School of Nursing, I resigned the administrative position in order to research prostate cancer when my fiancé was diagnosed with prostate cancer.

I have authored or coauthored many articles, and presented research internationally and nationally. I was invited to serve as Visiting Professor in Thailand and New Zealand, teaching doctoral students philosophy of science and critical theory.

My favorite description of my academic career was from a student at a graduation ceremony. On stage, the student presenting me with an Excellence in Teaching Diversity award told the crowd of faculty, parents, students and university administrators:

“Dr. Schroeder teaches us to question what we learn at the School of Nursing.”
Good thing I was retiring that year.

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