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Smashwords book reviews by Caroline

  • The Language of Souls on Dec. 06, 2012

    The cover of the book is pretty cool. Simple, but still stunning, though it may be a little confusing. I am one of those people who wants the cover to fit with the story, and personally, I can't understand how a "flying" girl are related to the novella I've been reading for the last days. Solena is a newly named healer from the prophet, her grand-father. She has dreamed about this her entire life, but because of the customstances, this was not the time to celebrate. Her father, famous in their city, is slowly dying. He has dangerous coughing fits, and if someone doesn't get him a rare herb, he will eventually die. Sadly the process of finding this herb is long and hard. Therefore, no one except Solena are willing to save him. She has to travel to the territory of their enemies, which is the only known place the herbs are growing. While she's travelling, she's captured by the young soldier Rundan, who brings her to their lair. He seeks his father's advice, and the anwer is to him surprising. He does not want to let that happen. Still, it is his father's word against his, and he does not want to let his father down. Solena and Rundan starts their "journey" to a palace together, but challenges makes it harder than Rundan would've imagined. I has never been a great fan of novellas and were actually quite disseapointed when I saw that there were no more than 76 pages or so. As I've already said, this book was something I read because I got the chance to during a "challenge" or whatever I am supposed to call it. To be honest, I would probably never have read this, if it wasn't for the "challenge." Not because it wasn't good, but simply because it's not famous at all, and I usually ends up reading more famous books. Still - I think I am pretty glad I read it after all. It was worth it. The author's writing style were nice, though there were some expressions (etc.) that I did not understand. But this is perhaps because English is not my first language. The plot could sometimes be a little confusing, and I didn't like the fact that they did not understand each other at first.I understand why they didn't, but I don't think it was necessary for the story to be like that. Now, let's say something about the characters. Well, we doesn't get to meet many characters during the story, and we only read a little more than two pages about two of them. Rundan and Solena. I am not going to criticize any names, because everyone has different taste. But on the other hand, I cannot say that I feel like I got to know the characters very well. Sure I understood that Solena was realy nice, caring and in Rundans eyes a completely perfect person, and that Rundan was a wise person who wants to make his fether proud in his own way. Still I feel like most of the story focused on their love - and this is not why I wanted to read the novella. That way I was sort of disseapointed. I really wanted to get some "contact" with the characters, but this never really happened.I honestly don't know what else to say about them - I didn't really like either of them. So, The Language of Souls was worth a read for me, but I was not as blown away as I hoped I would. I'd rather recommend this novella for those who like reading about someone's relationship instead of something with action. Maybe they'll like it better than I did.