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  • Destine; The Watcher's Trilogy Book 1 on Oct. 17, 2012

    This book is a must have. I had a difficult time putting this book down, it's a great read. Even those of us who have been out of high school can relate to Michelle the main character. The transformation she went through throughout the book is a dream of any secluded teenage girl. It was amazing how she faced the danger in her life and the lives of those she held most dear. And what can I say about Gabriel.....the perfect dream for every woman. They way he protects, loves, and understands Michelle is extremely well written. Looking forward for more books from Katherine Polillo.
  • The Conduit on Oct. 18, 2012

    This is a great change from many of the other paranormal novels. I enjoyed every minute while reading this book. Celeste is your average awkward new college student and the stereo typical middle child. She is one that keeps a family together under times of great distress. As middle child who keeps a family together, she is now blessed with the responsibility to keep the human race from being over-ran from the wicked depth of Hell and demons. Love how she involves the whole family. And grams, who wouldn't love to have a grandma like that. Can't wait for the next book
  • Embrace, Gryphon Series Book 2 on Oct. 19, 2012

    Wow this book was amazing. Conduit was a great intro for this book. All the main characters are just as amazing as the first. Grams who wouldn't want a feisty grandma that believes the supernatural without thinking your crazy. And her attitude of living doesn't stop when your older, got to life it. I was on the edge wondering when Alec was going to show up again, however Caleb got me over that quickly. I know many others don't like ending on a cliffhanger, however I love it. It leaves me wanting more so I know I will buy the next book the day it was released.