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  • L'Horloge vivante on May 27, 2012

    Très professionnel. Intrigue bien ficelée, intéressante et surprenante. Donne une bonne dose de fraîcheur à la littérature québécoise qui en a bien besoin. À lire!
  • On the Razor's Edge on Dec. 14, 2012

    What a wonderful book! Thank you, sincerely thank you! I got so attached to the characters I am sadden to have to let them go. I'll reread it for sure later. Not sure how to convey in writing how much it touched me, but it really did. I feel a better person having read that book. I will check your other works and will make a contribution. You well deserve it! Thanks again!!!
  • Snoops in the City (A Romantic Comedy) on Jan. 06, 2013

    Smart, sexy, funny. I really loved it. The ending wrapped up everything very nicely. Very entertaining and well written.
  • The Etiquette of Farewelling a Friend at the Airport on June 15, 2013

    Nice short story. Very moving ending.
  • Pages of my Diary on June 29, 2013
    (no rating)
    You have a very charming story here. I strongly encourage you to make it a full novel and delve some more into these characters, their background, why they are friends, expand some scenes that are summed up in narration. You really skip over a lot of scenes that could be a lot of fun to read. Maybe give the main character an emotional arc so he learns and changes over the duration of the story. Make sure that you use proper tenses when you tell your story. Sometimes you’ll switch from present to past in the same sentence and often in two sentences linked to each other. I really like the unusual way you have to retell a special moment that happened by saying “… and it went like this”. It felt strange at first but I got to really like as the more I read the more it created a style and a way for the narrator to express himself. It might be a simple love story but those happen in real life and they are bittersweet. It’s definitely worth your time if you feel like making it bigger.