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  • Betwixt on March 22, 2013
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    Melissa Pearl is truly proving herself to be a wonderful young adult writer. Having recently read Black Blood, and working my way through Pure Blood, I wondered what her other stories would be like. And they are not the same. Betwixt is really a story about forgiveness. Forgiving yourself and forgiving others. Sometimes it isn’t easy to do. Nicole is one of the popular girls, but she has a secret, something tragic happened to her sister, and she witnessed it. It is something that she hides within her heart, the guilt that knowing it could have been different. Her parents, also grieving, have given Nicole space to express her grief. Instead they have driven themselves apart as a family. I love Nicole. She is quintessentially the popular girl, shallow, simple and in it for everything she can get, yet she doesn't get enough. Dale also has a hidden secret, but he has at least forgiven himself, but he can’t forgive Nicole for what she did to him, branding him the way that she did. But when her spirit starts to haunt him, he has no choice but to listen to her. I love Dale, I love his simpleness, his faith, his wisdom. I wish more teenage boys were like Dale! But Dale and Nicole don’t have much time. Nicole is lying in a forest somewhere, badly injured, and men are out to finish off the job. Dale has to find her, but where does he start, the area is too big. As they work together, they discover that their histories aren’t too far different and that they need to learn to forgive to move on. No one has sinned bigger than another, but sometimes it feels that something is too big to cope with. The characters are lovely, and even though Nicole is in spirit, you so want Nicole and Dale to get it together, but can they? A wonderful, suspenseful read!