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Smashwords book reviews by Cathy Jeppsen

  • Protected on March 28, 2012

    Christy has returned home to Helena, Montana after her disastrous debate trip to Washington, DC. She had originally thought that kids at her regular school would treat her differently after her trip. They didn't. They still pick on her just as much as they did before her trip, even though Christy feels so much different about herself, and has proven that she is able to make friends. She's had an especially bad day one day, when all of a sudden, she spots Alex after school. He walks down the stairs to her, gives her an amazing kiss in front of all the popular kids, and they drive off into the sunset in his rented convertible. Well, that's how it feels at first. Christy has sworn to give up Alex and choose Rick instead, because she knows that Rick is a better match for her, unfortunately her heart just won't listen. Alex shows her a wonderful time, even showing up at her house so her parents can question him. Christy knows that there's now way the terrorists can still be after her, but she starts seeing strange things, cars that don't belong and disappear quickly, and she still feels as though she's being watched. She and Alex go on a hike, and they are kidnapped. This is just the beginning of the adventure for Christy, taking her places from being kidnapped, to being dead to her family and in the witness protection program. All of this will change Christy, but will it be for the better. I really enjoyed reading this book! Christy seems like a real person, she thinks and acts how I would. I really liked how she was told to kind of lose herself by one agent, but then another one told her that she needed to be true to herself. I liked the idea of not really losing yourself, even though you may have to do things that kind of take you out of yourself. The book was well written, the characters are amazing! I didn't want to put it down until the story was over. I can't wait to read the next book in this series.
  • A Taste of Home on Dec. 01, 2016

    Re-reading this book was like talking to a long lost friend! I enjoyed reading every bit of it! It's short, but the story is so sweet and poingant. I love the care that Will takes for Claire, for the way he comes home with her when he learns she'd be traveling alone otherwise, even though he'd already decided to stay. For the things he goes out of his way to do for her without her even asking. Claire is cute too. I love the innocent way that she looks forward to Christmas. Dreaming of her family and the traditions they share. Wanting just one taste of her mom's special toffee. I had an enjoyable afternoon reading this cute story with the snow piling up outside my window! It's a perfect Christmas story.