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Latest book: Stonechild. Published August 27, 2013.

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  • Flamechild on Aug. 28, 2013

    I very much enjoyed my first visit to the world of Deau and am anxiously awaiting the chance to return. I think that one of the reasons I enjoyed these stories so much is that they are very character focused. The world itself is a rich backdrop for characters. Some of those characters you are going to love, some you are going to hope will get what is coming to them, and some are just going to make you laugh. As you continue to read, you discover a little more of this world of Deau. A world that is somehow familiar, but then again, not quite. (I mean, I know I’ve never seen a tree-cow.) There are many mysteries left undiscovered with the stories just giving you hints of parts you want to explore more. While the eBook version contains four separate stories, you will find characters from one story popping up in another. It isn’t necessary to read them in the order presented in the book, but I would suggest you do. In particular, read both “Forbidden Choices” and “Runaway” prior to “Acts of Peace.” If you want more background on the world of Deau and the Children of the Vortex, go to the Foo Bat Books website ( There you can find information on the Cadre, the Tereges, and many of the main characters you will find in the Flamechild stories. You can read this information first, but I enjoyed reading it after I had already read the stories and met the characters. To the authors I say: “Bring me more!” And, please give us a little more time with the Tereges. I really want to get to know LLucin better! Thanks for the entrance ticket to Deau. I really enjoyed the ride.