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  • The Wanted Child on Nov. 06, 2012

    WARNING: Reading this is incredibly addicting, you must be ready to devote several hours to sitting down and reading this entire thing in one go. You can't even just read a sample! I know. I tried. I then stayed up until 3 in the morning to read the entire thing. No work was done that night. No regrets. Simply put, Aneeka is an author who has boundless potential. If her stories are this good already I am hungry for what is to come. In the book you want what Ki wants: a happy ending for everyone. You want Ki to beat and defy and outsmart everyone so that all her pain and sacrifice isn't for nothing. And you'll want to slap the Blessed. I know I want to. The story very quickly proves it has layers of depth and meaning and is not your average "cute demon slayer girl type" story. It is definitely worth a read, and I will be reading it again soon. Just remember to be wary, this book will possess you like a ranked demon and you will lose the ability to stop reading. You have been warned. Happy reading!