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  • Sixty-Four Days, A Sea Story on Feb. 03, 2016

    I felt like I was there on the flight deck with the guys fighting the fire. It was a real life or death situation. Well told, my man!
  • SNAFU: Everyone Has Their Demons on Feb. 03, 2016

    Now I'm on a Navy thriller reading kick and this one is great. If you want serious WWII action with a paranormal twist . . . highly recommended.
  • Drowndog on Feb. 03, 2016

    Super short but packs a punch. Kind of like a writing class assignemnt where you are supposed to make the reader evoke deep feelings.
  • Introit- Black Dog on Feb. 03, 2016

    This was dark and kinda goth if you go for that sort of thing this will be right up your alley. The characters spend most of their time in dark barrooms, run down apartments and other creepy locations talking about the dirty things they are plotting to do to each other. The writer really knows how to hook you in and tell a good story.
  • Collection of Job Interview Questions and the Answers on Feb. 16, 2016

    Thank you for this free book. It is full of great sample questions that I used to practice for a job interview. Job interviewing is a skill of its own. The best qualified person doesn't always get hired for the job, often it's the person that does the best interview that gets hired for the job. I went on several job interviews before I was brought back for a second interview. I went on a couple of second interviews before I was offered a position. Practicing these questions with my wife at our dining room table really made a difference in my ability to complete a good job interview .
  • Smashwords Book Marketing Guide on Feb. 16, 2016

    If you are thinking about writing and publishing a book this is required reading. Every page is full of excellent tips for both indie authors and authors who publish through traditional book publishers. About halfway through I started to wonder though if some of these methods were a little dated. Since this book was last updated in 2013 I'm sure there are some newer tips and tricks for book publisher marketing. The author of this book is Mark Coker, the big guy here at smash words, so if anybody knows what they're talking about it's got to be him.
  • The Secrets to Ebook Publishing Success on Feb. 16, 2016

    Thank you Mark Coker for another excellent book full of tips and tricks for Indie authors. There is no way that the average person like me who's thinking about writing and publishing a book on my own whatever no the information contained in this book. It's going to take me a while to finish writing my book but I'm glad I read this because it's full of things that I can start doing now. Indie. authoring is absolutely fascinating and I'm very excited to be a part of it .
  • We Don’t Plummet Out of the Sky Anymore on Feb. 16, 2016

    This story is straight up kooky. I was intrigued by the title and I was engaged throughout from beginning to end. A lot of the language was kind of flowery and over-the-top especially describing futuristic cars and the main characters feelings about the woman he loves. This story made me think of Kurt Vonnegut, because it's has to do with social science but it also has to do with relationships and it uses a lot of offbeat humor. I enjoyed the story and I would read more by this author.
  • Major Science Fiction Anthologies - A Brief History on Feb. 16, 2016

    I thought that this was going to be an anthology of sci-fi stories. This book is actually like an encyclopedia of listing of anthologies. It also has a lot of background information on pulp science fiction books and magazines and the people who edited them over the years. No offense intended but if you are a major science-fiction nerd and you love all of the background information about the dates and the titles and editors of science fiction stories then you're probably really like this. But if you want to read good sci-fi stories there are none in this book. Thank you for taking the time to publish this collection.
  • Sixty-Four Days, A Sea Story on Feb. 16, 2016

    You know how there are some stories that you feel like you're in the police car with the policemen on the Chase or a drug bust. There are other stories where you feel like you're with the criminals and you are actually There committing the crime. Well this story is just like that except you're with this salty sailor in the Navy on the flight deck of an aircraft carrier. This story put you right in there during major explosions , Plane crashes, fires, and other disasters on the flight deck of an aircraft carrier at sea. The vivid detail in the story was absolutely amazing. I felt like I was right there with bombs and rockets and fighter planes and steam powered catapults and arrested landings on the flight deck at sea. I figured that working in that environment was pretty intense, but this story just really lit it up. You get a sense of the rough guys working in that environment, the danger, the breeze, the isolation of being out on the middle of the ocean, and also of the potential for incredible disaster. It's greasy it's dirty it's hot there's wind blasting around you there's explosives there's fighter pilots there's emergency response teams. This story is wall to wall full of great characters and incredible action.