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Gypsy Shadow Publishing was founded in September, 2009. Its founders, Denise Bartlett and Charlotte Holley, are veteran authors themselves and have worked in various aspects of the print world for decades. With experience ranging from writing short stories and poetry to full length novels, newspaper columns and reviews to news and investigative articles, Bartlett and Holley are not strangers to the written word.

Gypsy Shadow Publishing began its journey by following the trend toward eBook publications and other innovative publishing concepts. We have now expanded into print and have published 40+ books as trade paperbacks. Each of the principals has a love of and commitment to providing quality, professional, exciting works to the public. Gypsy Shadow came into being as an Indie publishing company for the purpose of giving new and seasoned authors alike a chance to shine in the world of the written word, without some of the hype and pressure of more conventional established companies.

We pledge our utmost dedication to you in publishing manuscripts that are both professionally edited and formatted as well as new and creative. We feel the publishing community affords room for new ideas, such as experimental and multi-genre stories and novels, and we encourage authors to explore their imaginations to produce concepts that have not received the acclaim they deserve.

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