For many years I've been writing for my own enjoyment, but over the years, so many people have told me that I should publish all my stories, that I've finally decided that's exactly what I would do. Visit my website to see the ones I currently have in the works, and my facebook page to follow along as I post commentaries every few days on what my characters are up to on any given day. It's the ultimate sneak peek!

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  • A Whisper in the Wind on Dec. 07, 2013

    This tale grabbed me right from the beginning, and the more the story unfolded the more entrenched I became. Sonya Dodd is a wonderfully descriptive writer, and I seriously clung to every word. I was shocked that the story took the turn that it did- it was quite unexpected. The characters were vividly brought to life through their character traits, and they all flowed so nicely through the story that it was not hard to believe you were getting a birds eye view at this troubled family brought fully to life by the author. Personally, I liked the fact that she didn't spend an undue amount of time describing every detail of every item in the room, etc. Anyone even slightly familiar with this time period would know quite well what was common in dress, foods, and household decor. I think the way she handled descriptions of the things that were important in the story kept this novel from getting bogged down like so many historical romances tend to do. All I can say is "keep 'em coming, Ms. Dodd!" This is the second book I've read from this author, and look forward to getting her other books. I have no doubt her rich imagination and great writing style will prevail in those, as well!