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Some call Chance Buckman a complex man with many subtle, nuanced layers. Others find him juvenile and lacking in the most basic of social skills. Since Chance doesn't believe in no win situations, he's happy to accept most descriptions and criticisms of his writing and behavior.

Chance spent his childhood in his parents overcrowded Southern boarding house, where he was responsible for cooking meals, which always included bacon, and making excuses for the relatives of borders who called. These experiences ,among a multitude of others, shaped Chance's world view, writing style and uncontrolled wit.

During early adulthood, Chance ran with the bulls in Pamploma, Spain on a whim and a student credit card. He attempted the same feat a year later during a midday longhorn cattle drive at the Stockyards in Fort Worth, Texas. Though this effort was met with far worse results and a scarred posterior, Chase intends to recapturing the magic of that first running by swimming upstream with salmon in British Columbia, Canada.

He once visited the ancient Incan city of Machu Picchu on a trip to Cusco, Peru. Though he swears he did not ask to go, but instead asked the taxi driver his thoughts on Ralph Macchio of Karate Kid fame.

Some of Chance's other feats include a lifetime ban from a Southern California Ikea for attempting to move his apartment into the showroom. His picture once appeared in a national paper under the unrelated headline, "East Coast Pounded in Unexpected Storms". His actual contribution to the paper was the Olympic themed quote, "I don't know. The moguls, I guess". Chance has stopped traffic in Tel Aviv and started trouble, in Munich under the alias Clint Howard.

Although he strives to write well considered, high quality work, his choice of book topics are not what anyone would call, "scholarly". In his first book, "Handle Unwanted House Guests: A Straight Forward Guide for Relative Subversion" Chance tackles the common problem of unwanted guest removal in a humorous, if not extremely passive aggressive, way. His next work is a non cookbook entitled, "101 Household Uses for Bacon". Unfortunately he states, "There are no classy turns on the horizon for my writing".

Chance and his wife, author Layla Scott, have two sons. Both of whom believe Daddy lies about being an author, even after holding copies of his book. Chance has stated, "I regret putting so much time and effort into raising extreme skeptics".

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