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Chantel once thought a great mystery or fantasy book with strong romantic themes was the highest level of reading bliss. After reading her first romantic suspense novel, she never looked back. Before long, the need to create her own stories took over. She spends her daytime in the clinical profession of medical transcriptionist, but her passion is in the blissful hours she spends with her characters in the evenings.

Chantel lives in the western United States. When she isn’t writing, she loves playing cards with her family, going bowling, and snuggling with her lazy kitties.

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Smashwords book reviews by Chantel Rhondeau

  • The Secrets to Ebook Publishing Success on May 11, 2013

    Great, practical advice. Easy to understand and helpful ideas. I'm off to read the other marketing books by this author.
  • Hidden Under Her Heart on May 20, 2013

    I loved this book! I have been following Rachelle Ayala and reading everything she writes and in my opinion this is her best work yet. First off, I really like Lucas. He has his flaws and is perhaps a bit extreme in some of his views, but deep down he is a loving, caring man who was someone I could really relate to and admire. He stands by his convictions and tries to do the right thing. My favorite part about Lucas was the growth his character took in the book. Maryanne is also a realistic character. Even though her opinions are at the different end of the spectrum from mine, I could feel her turmoil and enjoyed her journey and watching her conflicts. The cast of supporting characters was enjoyable too, complete with difficult family members and friends who sometimes caused more harm than help. For me, this book was pretty intense and I read it in just 2 evenings because I had to find out what happened. This story touched me and also made me really think about my opinions on abortion and why I feel the way I do. Overall, the romance between Maryanne and Lucas was satisfying and the action parts were exciting and fun to read. This one is a hit, and my favorite book of Ayala's so far. Looking forward to more from this author.
  • The Timekeeper on June 17, 2013

    Unique and entertaining! I have to say, this book is very different from anything I have read before. There is a bit of mythology, a bit of modern religious beliefs, and a very compelling voice from the demon princess herself. In the first couple pages, I honestly wasn't certain I would enjoy this book. There is quite a bit of back story given about Ilana's 'real' life on the other side of the veil, what her job is, and the people surrounding her and her family, that I thought I would get lost. However, the voice of the character was so compelling and entertaining that I had to read on. And I'm glad I did. I really, really like Ilana. She is tough, capable, and does her best to do what she sees as right, even if she is half demon and certain values (such as faithfulness to one's spouse) aren't quite in keeping with a traditional romance story. I was drawn in by the problems she faced, the fact that she was helping fallen angels, trying to protect her family (and really everyone with the job she has), and the strength she had within herself to do what needed done. I also enjoyed the details about mythology and other fantasy elements incorporated into Barber's world. There were parts in which I got confused as to which character was speaking, which did detract slightly from my overall enjoyment. That said, it was never enough to stop me from reading. The idea for this story is unique. I felt as though the main characters weren't just a rehash of everything I'd already read before, and I think it's a great start to the series. Four stars from me and a wonderful job on this author's debut book. I look forward to reading more by Jordana Barber and more in this world she has created.