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A. R. Moler
Latest book: Djinn Box Set. Published March 2, 2019.
A.R. Moler
Latest book: Military Dependent. Pre-release—available May 31, 2019.
Amy Lane
Latest book: Selfie. Published April 18, 2016.
Angel Martinez
Latest book: Serge & Een. Published January 5, 2017.
Ann Somerville
Latest book: Many Roads Home. Published June 16, 2017.
Daisy Harris
Latest book: Investigating Julius Drake. Published October 3, 2016.
Heidi Belleau
Latest book: Wallflower. Published April 3, 2015.
J.C. Owens
Latest book: Away in a Manger. Published December 13, 2018.
J.E. Birk
Latest book: Dating Ryan Alback. Published February 20, 2017.
James Buchanan
Latest book: The Family Eternal. Published August 21, 2017.
Jane Davitt
Latest book: Gambling on Love. Published September 19, 2016.
Jessie Pinkham
Latest book: Pursuing Happiness. Published July 12, 2018.
Kaje Harper
Latest book: Nelson & Caleb. Published January 3, 2017. (5.00 from 1 review)
Kaje Harper
Latest book: Love and Lint Rollers. Published October 9, 2018.
Kate Sherwood
Latest book: Shelter from the Storm. Published August 20, 2018.
Kendall McKenna
Latest book: Brothers in Arms. Published March 24, 2017.
Kim Alan
Latest book: The Bigger They Are. Published July 4, 2014. (4.00 from 3 reviews)
L.J Hamlin
Latest book: Barter System. Published March 16, 2019.
Laura Harner
Latest book: Ty'd Up. Published December 18, 2017.
Lia Black
Latest book: Where Willows Won't Grow. Published July 29, 2014. (5.00 from 2 reviews)
M.A. Innes
Latest book: Too Close To Fall. Published May 15, 2019.
Matthew J. Metzger
Latest book: Tea. Published January 7, 2019.
Meraki P. Lyhne
Latest book: First Son of the Mound. Published November 2, 2018.
Nell Iris
Latest book: All I See. Published March 16, 2019.
Rick Reed
Latest book: Dead End Street. Published January 6, 2018.
Rob Rosen
Latest book: Short Spurts. Published February 16, 2019.
Latest book: Ventures and Investments. Published January 13, 2014. (5.00 from 5 reviews)
Shawn Lane
Latest book: More Than Summer. Published March 27, 2019.
Suki Fleet
Latest book: Lima Oscar Victor Echo and The Truth About Everything. Published June 12, 2015. (4.80 from 5 reviews)
T.A. Chase
Latest book: With This Ring. Published January 9, 2019.