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Shri Charanjit Singh was born in the Patiala district of Punjab, in village Dhenthal, on the 30th of April 1972. His father, Shri Kulwant Singh, served as a senior auditor in the cooperative bank and his mother Swarn Kaur was a simple housewife. Shri Saudagar Singh, the author’s grandfather, was a hard core meditator and a man of Truth and it was most probably, his occasional company in the initial years that introduced the author’s soul to the taste of Bhakti or devotion. In 1972, Shri Kulwant Singh got transferred to the Sangrur district and so the whole family shifted to this town. Along with his elder brother Manjit Singh, who later joined the Indian Army and is now serving as a P.C.S. officer, this kid studied from nursery to the fifth standard in General Gurnam Singh Public School Sangrur. In 1979, this family was blessed with another baby boy Harjit Singh who is now an upcoming popstar living in Sydney (Australia). The author has some beautiful memories of this first decade of his incarnation and the word Sangrur means to him a lot more than just the name of another town. In 1983 Shri kulwant Singh got posted back to Patiala and the younger two kids got admitted in Yadavindra Public School Patiala(Y.P.S.). Elder brother Manjit went to Sainik School Kapurthala. From the sixth to the twelvth standard, the author studied here. The family started living at the village which was approximately 22 Kilometers from school and stayed here for the next 19 years.
These were the years when the province of Punjab was going through a very violent change. The environment of the village was also not healthy for a soul as sensitive as that of the author. Both these factors had a very profound effect on the consciousness of this young boy and his inner world went through a metamorphosis. This was his initiation into the quest for meaning and though after passing out from the school in 1990, he became an engineering student but the inner turmoil did not let him concentrate on his studies and after quitting in the third year of his degree, he started taking formal training in classical as well as western music from two different institutes in Pune. Music provided his aimless life with a meaning and a purpose and it also took care of his spiritual restlessness. The notes and beats made more sense than the assignments back in the engineering college.
During the transition from saying goodbye to a full fledged career in engineering to pursuing his passion of music, Shri Charanjit Singh came in contact with the spiritual mentor of the Namdhari sect of Sikhs, Satguru Jagjit Singh Ji and he firmly believes that this power is protecting and guiding him even today. Shri Charanjit Singh has no doubt regarding the difference that Guru Kripa makes in the life of a Shishya, a disciple. From his own experience, he knows that all which is praiseworthy in him and his personal world is not just a result of his own efforts; much of it is his Guru’s blessings.
Along with music, Shri Charanjit Singh became deeply interested in the various meditation techniques, especially the ones designed by Acharya Rajneesh and being practiced at the Ashram in Koregaon Park Pune. The potential of these techniques, in liberating an individual from the prison of the mind and the suffering it creates, held great promise for this young revolutionary who was looking for ways to deal with the pain that is inherent in a human incarnation. With the purification of his soul and the evolution of his consciousness, Shri Charanjit Singh became increasingly aware of the part or role he played in the unfolding of life and his responsibility as a conscious being with regard to the degradation of human values and corruption of all kinds on such a large scale, in the environment, of which, he was an integral part. He realized that the glory of wisdom is in it being able to serve mankind by illuminating the lives of fellow beings with compassion and consciousness. This book is also an expression of his concern for the whole of mankind and the realization of his own duty. Through words, he is encouraging each and every one of us to establish religiousness inside and around us since that is the only way to make this earth livable.
Any religious person has got basically three means to share his vision, his perception with the rest – books, audio/video recordings and personal contact. There was an era when personal contact was the only option available. All the three modes have got their benefits and limitations. For example, the way you can go into the details and intricacies of an issue in a book, is not possible in a chance conversation. But the shared awareness that comes into being in a conversation and the resonance of vibrations that manifests through a personal meeting of compatible souls, cannot be expected from the reading of a book or the listening of an audio recording. Shri Charanjit Singh is also making an honest attempt in using the mediums available to him to reach out to sincere souls like you. If a welfare organization feels the need of the service he has to offer, he tries his best to live up to their expectations. Wherever he is felt needed, he gives 1-2 hr. talks on the topics of addiction, Dharma, Karma, spiritual freedom and meditation. In every possible way, he tries to help as well as serve the rest of us, knowing well his limitation and capacity as a human being.


Bairag : The Taste Of Renunciation
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Our Imprisonments
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Liberation is your birthright and anything that feels like a prison, like a confinement, needs your attention. Spiritualism is not very difficult to explain or understand. It is simply, freeing your soul of all imprisonments.

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