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Smashwords book reviews by Charina

  • Allesandra's Bequest on March 06, 2012

    BITTERSWEET SURPRISE Allesandra is a woman that takes her own life at a very desperate moment. Throughout the book we get to see what drove her to that point and the struggles that she and her husband went through. We also get to see what happens to the ones left behind after a tragedy. This book deals with a lot of strong topics. It talks about child abuse, domestic violence, rape, depression, and suicide. When I first started reading this book I didn’t know what to expect. I was very nervous because not only was I stepping away from my reading comfort zone; I also never read anything by R. M. Fraser before. I had a bittersweet surprise. Bitter, because the book was so sad that it made me cry near the end. Sweet, because I loved the way it was written. To be honest I didn’t expected to like it this much. The book has very little dialogue. You can probably find about five lines or less during the whole book. But to make up for the missing dialogue, the book has these beautiful lyrics in between the paragraphs on each chapter. I never read anything like it before. I was very surprise that I understood every word without problem. I usually have a hard time with poems when they are in English. I really like this book. It is a very sad, very strong book, from the beginning. But I loved the way the lyrics told the story so well. I made me think of what music is really about. Music tells a story. Music shows someone’s feelings. If the author made a CD with all the songs from the book, I’ll buy it. I can honestly say that R. M. Fraser just won a new fan.
  • Awakening the Nightmare on March 10, 2012

    ENJOYABLE. When I first saw the title of this book, I was expecting a horror book. I don’t get to read many horror stories, and this one had me really excite. If there was any horror in the book; I couldn’t find it. However what I did find were very interesting characters and a unique plot. This was an enjoyable read. This book has a lot of interesting characters. They are very different from each other. They all come from a different kind of preternatural. They all have their own troubles. They all have their own story. I like the plot. It was different. I’m a sucker for the happy endings, so I did like the happy ending. I like that it sort of kept me guessing. I wanted to know what Corinne really was. By the time the book revealed it, I kind of had an idea about it already. In some parts the book felt like it was going too slow. There were parts were the details just felt a little too much. I also would have liked to get to know some of the characters better. Because the book was so focus on a number of characters; we didn’t get to see what was going on with some of the other characters that seemed important. By the last chapter we find out about a romance between two of the important characters and we never know why, where, or when did it happened. We just know it is happening. Over all is a good book. I recommend it. It has a little bit of everything. It has werewolves, vampires, demons, fae, romance, fighting, and kidnapping.