Charles Domina


Charles Domina’s professional life and interests are somewhat of an odyssey. The practice of law was his vocation for twenty-one years. He also engaged in a seminar business that gave him the opportunity to become acquainted with Cambridge and Oxford Universities, Corpus Christi and Brasenose Colleges. Yes, one of the Cambridge dining halls mentioned in Serpentine Enigma really did have a large and very old pea-green electric toaster.
When Domina became a university lecturer he decided to put down some of his thoughts and interests in writing, perhaps a novel...
Several paranormal topics had always held his interest: UFO’s, in general (Roswell, in particular), the Origins of Modern Man (the explanation of a random mutation in a chimpanzee just didn’t do it for him), Intelligent Design (not necessarily of a supernatural nature), Cryptozoology and the HAR I (Human Advanced Region I).
Genetics, however, became Domina’s primary focus because it combines science with mystery, drama, wonder and all that humanity can imagine but possesses a sinister underbelly. The variables and possibilities of genetics are seemingly endless and ever expanding as they are limited only by imagination. And as to application, one can always count on the fact that science will do everything it is capable of doing, introspection and wisdom be damned.

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Will you uncover Dr Russo's enigma?
A brisk and unique mystery that draws you into the heroine's odyssey. The story is woven around a theory that posits learned knowledge can be inherited by successive generations by the triggering of a gene that carries the accumulated information. Spiced with enigmatic characters, a world domination theme, and individuals who are not what they seem. The gothic intrigue of the introductory chapter drew me in from the first paragraph, though the story proved to be a totally contemporary one.


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