Charlton C. Tod


Charlton C. Tod was born in the sunny hills of downtown Los Angeles. From a young age, he dreamed of seeing exotic places in foreign countries, and wishing he could explore ancient ruins like Indiana Jones. As an adult, he settled for an enlistment in the Navy. Out on the sea, he fulfilled his dreams of walking the deserts of Egypt, partying in South America, and fighting pirates of the coast of Somalia. When his service was over, he returned to the city he knew too well. He's a self-proclaimed foodie and adventurer who prefers Italian from both. Many have said he's an old soul with wisdom beyond his age. He now works a day job creating graphics and video editing for businesses and not-for-profit groups. At night, he spends time with friends while enjoying a glass of whiskey. If not, he writes erotica like like this, while also enjoying some whiskey, or talking to his cat, Milo.

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