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First I was married to a pilot who flew everywhere during the Korean war. We had many children as did most of the women and when we finally became civilians. A friend suggested I travel to NYC where I could pedal my wears as an actress, someone I always want to be. I discovered at fifty-four, cameras loved you and I spent many years on One Life to Live as a glamorous woman dancing in the restaurant. All My Children called many times as did Another World.

What fun that was and then the movies began to call me. Mike Nichols cast me as the singer with a birthday cake for Melanie Griffith. During a break, Harrison Ford shared a hot dog with me. Those were the days, my friends. Then Anthony Hopkins…call me Tony…invited me to the cast luncheon. Life was so sweet back then and one evening, I was in a play Off Broadway and I noticed my voice was off. So the next day I went to the big guy who checked me out. "Sorry, my dear," he said. "You've lost your voice to Spasmodic Dysphonia. Your acting days are over.

Broken hearted, I went home. Then a friend called and said write a book and I've been writing ever since. I have twenty-five books to my credit and I write every day. Read The Catch. It's a nifty story and Reconstructing Charlie is terrific. I could go on and on, but one step at a time.

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