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"Good Penny" 05/14. Villanelle published in Steam Ticket Journal: A Third Coast Review

"Word Mosaics" 01/14 --chapbook by Fowlpox Press

“Fairy Tale Hive” 10/2013 – 12 poem limerick series in Bohemia Journal

"Silent Night" short fiction published in KY Story's Scary Story Anthology 9/2013

"The Poseidon Adventure" poem published 9/2013 in Bohemia Journal

“Tossed & Found” short story–in 07/2013 print/e-Book edition: Dark Light 3 (CH & BB Publishing)

"Santa Barbara White Fire Nearly Contained"--05/31/2013 news article syndicated on Yahoo News Network

"What Happens in Vegas"--05/2013 short story print edition PstD Volume #3 (Postscripts to darkness)

1 of 2 Featured Literary Artists in 9/1/2012 edition of: Art4TheHomeless Webzine

Qualified in Amazon's Breakthrough Novel Awards 2012 - General Fiction category.

Semi-Finals in SFWPA annual writing contest 2009 (excerpt)

Honorable Mention in Writer's Digest 78th Annual Writing Contest, 2009, Mainstream Literary Division (excerpt)

"Wash Day"--6/2012 poem e-published by: Handful of Dust

"To Jabberwock from Charon: Wherever I May Find You"--10/2011, creative non fiction-e-published by: The Whistling Fire

"New Shoes"--06/2008 poem published by: SPECTRUM Anthology at UCSB, edition CLVV

"The Write Ingredients"--06/2007 poem published by: SPECTRUM Anthology at UCSB, edition CLVIV

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Recently I interviewed with Cristian Milhai over at his place, & I thought I would run the post here--kind of like a rerun of a good TV show. Hope you get a kick out of the direction I took writing the "get together".

I'm breaking with my usual area of focus today, interesting blog posts, to review the work of Karen Robiscoe, an avid blogger & author I've come to know through the Wordpress Blog-o-sphere. I've been impressed by her style & diversity since happening upon her blog: CHARRON's CHATTER, so much so I invited her to guest blog at my site today. *looks worriedly toward crashing sounds emanating from the kitchen*

Of course, no one was more surprised than me to find the lady on my doorstep this morning, but I have to admire her get-up-and-go. She certainly got up & went *winces at the sound of shattering glass * and who knew she even had a passport? (Note to self: privatize address) It seems Karen interpreted the invitation to guest blog with me quite literally, traveling all the way to Romania to do so, but I suppose that's a hazard of interviewing the literary minded, at least if you interpret the root of that word liberally. *cranes head nervously toward sound of suddenly barking dog* So, without further ado, let's meet the lady now!

Cristian: Welcome, Karen, welcome. How was the flight?

Karen: Fancy. *sits on couch, and pummels cushions enthusiastically* And a little long. We circled the runway for hours!

Cristian: Blame Twilight for that. Part of the reason I invited you to visit virtually.

Karen: Two bags of peanuts., though.

Cristian: Jet lag is the worst.

Karen: It certainly is. Especially if you use frequent flyer miles. Do you know they actually seat passengers in the cargo area now?

Cristian: *points to splintered frames askew on a fluffed cushion* Are those my glasses?

Karen: I got all kinds of cozy with a giraffe. That's probably what's riling your dog.

Cristian: I don't have a dog.

Karen: You do now. Where's your guest room?

Cristian: I don't really have one.

Karen: You don't mind couching it then, do you? *pounds cushions again, completely shattering frames* I have a bad back.

Cristian: You're getting off topic. I invited you here to discuss writing.

Karen: Writing? You want to talk about writing? I thought you said: biking.

Cristian: I want to discuss your blog & pending book release.

Karen: And after all that trouble I went to ship my unicycle. *sighs dramatically*

Cristian: Tell me, Karen, while I still have patience—and readers. What kind of writing do you feature at your blog CHARRON's CHATTER?

Karen: The pixelated kind, mostly. Are you sure we're not biking? I noticed some really excellent trails on the way here. Right after I stopped to gather these wild mushrooms. *reaches in bag, and produces some suspicious looking fungus* Want some?

Cristian: I'll pass, thanks. So you'd characterize your writing by dots per inch?

Karen: Uh-huh. Except for the Post-Its. I get crazy heavy-handed with Post-its. I use yards of the things. I've been known to write entire novellas on Post-Its.

Cristian: Speaking of novellas. You have an actual novel pending publication, don’t you? An urban fantasy titled: SPIRITED REMIX?

Karen: I do indeed. It details the adventures of a disenfranchised Spirit seeking posthumous redemption.

Cristian: Sounds interesting.

Karen: It is. The guest appearances by Carlin, Hendrix and Einstein help.

Cristian: Definitely an unlikely combination. When will SPIRITED REMIX be released?

Karen: Your guess is as good as mine. Say, what is this stuff? *grimacing as she finishes the last crumb of Cristian's breakfast*

Cristian: An Egg McMuffin.

Karen: It tastes so exotic! So delicate and flaky!

Cristian: That's the paper wrapper, Karen. *exasperated, and hungry now* And we're going to have to wrap this up.

Karen: That's okay. I have a yen to write some poetry just now anyway. Something with teeth! Fangs, possibly…

Cristian: To feature on your blog?

Karen: No. I posted a Non-Tucket before I left, and I like to switch it up. I'll post the poem after I feature an op-ed about current events.

Cristian: You mean those clever ,rhyming riddles you write?

Karen: Only if the news is funny.

Cristian: I meant the 'Non-Tuckets'. Where did you come up with that term, anyway?

Karen: On my keyboard.

Cristian: Yes, but what does it reference?

Karen: Oh, any number of things, as long as it rhymes. It's versatile like that.

Cristian: You write idiom-based poetry, too. Would you classify that as a Non-Tucket?

Karen: A rose by another name, eh Cristian? *Karen buries her nose in dish of dried flakes* Mmm, so fragrant. Is this pot pourri indigenous to the area?

Cristian: Those are corn flakes, Karen. Anything else you’d like to add before we close?

Karen: Bananas?

Cristian: Well, readers, I hope you've enjoyed meeting Karen as much as I have.

Karen: Can I borrow your car?

Cristian: You can keep up with Karen at: http://charronschatter.com/!
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