Bridget Chase


I write WHOA! 'Bad ass books' featuring heavy action, mixed with multilayered narratives. I take celebrity culture and rewrite new fictions in twisted stories that delve into ideas about cloning, AI singularities, quantum space, parallel universes, as well as the paranormal. 
With my writing you get a seductive mix of action, destruction, emotion, comedy, and fragrant musings over the inexplicable qualities of female star's beauty.
I generally write short fiction, called novelettes, though I think of them as snack fiction. Short pieces of fiction that can fit easily into your day. I have written a few full length horror novels 'as well as' a few novellas. I generally let the stories decide their own natural length.
In addition I create all my own book covers. I am aiming for a mix between 'Never Ending Story' meets disco. Imagine 80's VHS culture revisited in a techno-future.

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New Book by Bridget Chase released June 2017
New Books by Bridget Chase released June 2017- Music 'Tokyo Tomorrow' created by Bridget Chase - For more about Bridget visit: Website- Amazon Author Book list


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