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  • No Experience Required (a Summer Rains Novel) on Jan. 07, 2013

    OK - so I am already a huge Lauren Stewart fan - thanks to her Hyde series, but I have to say I think I like her Summer Rains series just a smidge more. I can't really put my finger on why that is but it might be because it is on the lighter side and I love humor in my books. I am doing a Read to Review for the author and I must say I am so glad I got to read this book. Summer Rains(great name by the way)grew up in a commune with no TV, internet, cell phones and sharing a bedroom with all the other kids in the commune. She has a biological mom & dad but also calls all the other parents in the commune her parents as well. She falls head over heels for Gan(short for Ghandi) - a boy who arrived at the commune when she was 7. Unfortunately he moves away to college and has always seen her as a little girl. She follows after him but mistakenly enrolls in Hale University instead of Yale University and spends four years studying history and watching TV to catch up on everything she has missed in the commune. She moves to San Francisco with her college roommate Jordan and has been looking to find a good job to support herself. At a music video shoot she catches the eye of the music star Dustin Wiles who won't take no for an answer and finally agrees to meet him in his hotel room so she can help her friend Jordan get some publicity. Everything goes to crap after that and the way Summer goes about clearing herself is hysterical. Now the main reason I fell in love with this book can be summarized in one word - SUMMER. What an excellent character. She is quirky, fiesty, naive, funny, sweet, always stumbling head first into trouble and sarcastic. I may have a mini crush on her. Gan(who changes his name to Will - short from Willow - his middle name)pops back into the picture after 7 years and he is incredibly sweet in a wake up and smell the coffee kind of way. Obviously he has feelings for Summer but is still fighting them. He and his girlfriend Audrey are in the middle of another breakup when Summer stumbles into them. Then there is Detective Ronin. He sounds like a real hunk and I am curious as to how he is going to fit in to subsequent books because I really liked him too. I am still snickering about the gift basket that got delivered to him in error. I can't wait for the next Summer Rains installment. Hurry up and keep writing Lauren!!!!