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I'm SherryT, a fantasy author trapped on the U.S. east coast & longing to live on my fantasy world of Narenta as long as I'm not there during a war!

I like fantasy & mysteries but these days I write more than I read. My favorite authors are the Inklings: all the writings of Lewis; Tolkien's Hobbit & LotR; Charles Williams' supernatural thrillers like The Greater Trumps& his Arthurian poetry; Barbara Hambly; Madeleine l'Engle; Susan Cooper; Ken Grimwood & Tony Hillerman.

I enjoy helping fellow-writers & appreciate being helped; amateur photography; creating art by hand or graphics software; music esp filk, traditional folk or not so traditional ex. Steeleye Span, most of the Putumayo world music catalog, classical guitar, soft rock of the Phil Collins, Glenn Frey, Eagles era. I watch very few TV shows but I'm very loyal to those I watch--currently Person of Interest/Scorpion/Elementary/Grimm/The Good Wife/CSI/The Mentalist. I love 100's of films--too many to list here. Check FB.

Other interests: playing servant to my cats Khiva & Vartha who co-authored a THT entry, my faith, "wasting time with my friends", and enjoying nature--except ice storms.

I worked at an academic library for 35 years. What could be better than being around books every day? Writing them!
I wrote my first Narenta Tumults fantasy, "Seabird" beginning in 1979. Writing Narenta #1 was such fun that--as soon as I finished the first draft--I began writing its sequel. And then the sequel to the sequel.

After retiring from my first career, I focused on writing, networking with other fantasy authors like my Lost Genre Guild colleagues & buddies, catching up on manuscript revisions & of course writing new material.

Tree House Tales--published just a month ago--is a collection of various short works. I wrote my first short stories in the mid-80's because my writing instructors assigned us short works. Wailing "I write long!" gained me no sympathy. I've written 40-50 shorts---33 of which are in THT. Keeping them company is "The Last Battle", a fantasy novelette written expressly for the collection. An early THT reader asked me if there would be a Tree House Tales #2. I responded, "Can you wait 30 more years? Remember, I mostly write long."

Speaking of writing long, revised editions of my first two Narenta Tumults fantasy novels--Seabird & Earthbow--will be available in early 2015. Marooned, another novel set on Narenta will appear later in 2015. Or the other way around.

Two other Narenta novels still need work. The Gryphon & the Basilisk aka "The Behemoth" aka "Its Wordiness" not so secretly wants to be a trilogy & keeps saying, "Feed me!" G&B looks more like a gigantic plant every day. I'm beginning to worry.
Another Narenta novel is having an identity crisis & has asked to be called, "Da Boid, da Tree-Rat 'n' da Loser". As a loving book-mama, I'm giving it time to work through its issues.

Then there's The Peace Bride... Ouch! Okay, I'm stopping.

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Tree House Tales: A Collection of Short Stories, Non-Fiction Shorts, Artwork, and Extracts From Five Narenta Tumults Novels
Price: $2.99 USD. Words: 64,410. Language: English. Published: January 24, 2015. Categories: Fiction » Fantasy » Short stories, Fiction » Humor & comedy » General
TREE HOUSE TALES is an eclectic collection of 33 short works. Fantasy, humor, SF, anecdotes, poetry, art & beats-me, written over 30 years and achieving sentient critical mass in Dec 2014. When they clamored for publication I shrugged and answered, "Why not." Big mistake. SF & Fantasy fans in particular should enjoy the novelette Last Battle, a dozen more SpecFic works & 5 fantasy novel extracts

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