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The author, Cheryl Spikes, moved to Farragut Houses in the spring of 1973. Most people would classify Farragut as a ghetto but to Cheryl, it was her home; a place where she dared to be herself!

Life in the projects was fun for Cheryl especially when the 80’s Hip Hop era began!
Cheryl had always enjoyed writing poems, short stories and rhymes for her public, junior and high school friends; so becoming an emcee/lyricist was an easy transformation for her. The excitement of the rap explosion had Cheryl and her close friends create the Hip Hop group, “Paradise Exquisine.” Together they worked diligently at their craft in an effort to become famous in the all-male dominated genre.

Cheryl and her group received praise and glory from their neighborhood peers and were considered local celebrities. However, they never received the outside fame they were seeking. Becoming depressed after years of struggling, they realized their quest for fame may never materialize. Amidst their anguish, Cheryl and her crew continued to create music up until becoming introduced to the disastrous Crack epidemic of 1986.

Now older, Cheryl struggled to regain her life! She concentrated on her education. Cheryl enrolled and then graduated from New York Technical College’s Office Technology course. She was later employed as an Executive Secretary for one of the Assistant Commissioners at The City of New York and was happy to be making money but, for some reason she felt empty inside! Cheryl realized that she missed the excitement and the challenge of writing.

Since she had matured, her penchant for writing was now geared towards song writing and novels. She decided that since her career in rapping and singing didn’t work out, that maybe she should now try her hand at using one of her other God given gifts; writing professionally. She had always envisioned herself as a published writer. According to Cheryl, “You’ll never know until you try!” This book is her first try!

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Sometimes It Snows In July
Sometimes It Snows In July is about a female rapper named Chilly C who along with her all female crew, wanted to make an impact in the male dominated art form of Rap/DJing. They studied their craft and dilligently started rocking the mic and turntables, earning the respect of their male peers! They were finally the first females to become the top dogs in the game, until "It" came along!


Sometimes It Snows In July
Price: $9.99 USD. Words: 81,090. Language: English. Published: September 13, 2013. Categories: Fiction » African American fiction » Urban life
Reporting from where it all happens, Cheryl Spikes creates an authentic and gritty tale in an effort to save the souls of African American youths. This novel is it in terms of a truthful view of the Hip-Hop Movement after being infiltrated by a dangerous epidemic lurking to steal the dreams of the unsuspecting. Come find out why...Sometimes It Snows In July!

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