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  • Bukkake Brawl on May 15, 2011

    Sex punk is a genre that is often over-looked. Possibly, the whole thing might very well be a niche topic that only intrigues a few people, and excite few more. But that does not stop Made in DNA, and for that matter, he shouldn’t stop, because his works stand out rigid, like a man’s penis being unveiled for the first time to a group of beautiful women. If you are interested in the prospect of over-sexualized hyper violence playing to the tune of a cyber punk fantasy world where Ghost in the Shell interfaced with La Blue Girl, then Bukkake Brawl is for you. Let’s start with setting – Yue Fong: a dystopian utopia built on water, a city that grew out of sex and violence. The scene opens in the sex-gladiator battle that the title shares its name with. Bukkake Brawl is just what it is perceived to be. The televised show entertains seas of horny masses with Jizzabels fighting against Jackals, the Jizzabels must mercilessly beat the Jackals into submission, or be raped by them. Meanwhile, the excited crowd strokes and watches, raining semen down on the arena. As Mei, the protagonist of the story puts It, “no one left Brawl with their honor intact.” What follows is a menagerie of characters, a haughty fellow brawler, Mei’s gangster stable owner, a computer land lord with just enough emotion to be annoying, but not enough to actually care. Made in DNA has them all living in this city-state to sketch out an absurd reality where Venezuelan goons wear tutus with swan jock straps, or where extreme body modification is more the norm than exception. Add in hyper-sexualized carnage and a revenge vendetta, and Bukkake Brawl becomes a wild ride into sex-punk fantasy straight out of I-don’t-know-what. Story-wise, the fiction is by no means anything so enlightening as Mitch Albom or sultry as Anne Rice. Made in DNA shares the sensibilities of what he draws from – Japanese porn and futuristic gut rot that the Internet seems to thrive off of. The same effect is in his three other short stories he includes with the package. “Media Whores” features bizarre porn, yakuza, and zombies while “Sammie Versus The Tentacle Rape" leaves nothing much to the imagination as far as synopsis goes. The shorts are flashy and only as captivating as they are long, but Bukkake Brawl draws the reader in on a classic element of storytelling. A bit of the heroic cycle influences the story. Mei is a Brawler in the pits who sets out to avenge the death of her sister. She leaves her stable, not by her own choice, but goes following her sale to a Venezuelan gang. She finds herself aided by a transsexual cyborg and her army of bunny girls, where she finds out her sister is murdered by a midget with a 20 foot long tendril between his legs. What follows is her journey into the greatest depths of Yue Fong, one that which will make Mei think Brawling is much safer than facing a mutant midget. Made in DNA is not someone everyone will read. Where phrases like “Force-fed intensive sexual stimuli via nutsak-jacks and nookie sheathes, they had to control their urge to blowad. He who spunked last, won.” are a regular occurrence, most audiences would balk and be too perturbed to read, but for those who wallow in “Ero, guro, nonsense,” this is a treasure trove.