Don Corleone


I am a civil engineer who in The Real World designs and builds bridges. But in my Fantasy World of reading I love science fiction with a special weakness for Robert Heinlein and his students. I love stories that involve plots of more than an endless series of run, chase, catch and escape that seems to have over run today's writers. I will read any writer that avoids that trap. I have developed a fetish for Steampunk and it's outrageous tales.

Smashwords book reviews by Don Corleone

  • Might Have Been on June 18, 2015
    (no rating)
    At first I resisted getting to know the characters because the relationship between Lance and Tasha was so painful to read about. I wanted to slap some sense into both of them and only later figured out that's they were both flawed in a way to make their pain inevitable. Only by going through it could either of them come out sane. Great mix of drama, sci-fi, erotic wrapped up in a strong story. The regression back to high school and redoing all the mistakes he had made with girls was a brilliant trick. And in the end they all wound up being failures in the relationship department as before but only after great sex. Keep writing Mr. sterling and I will keep following your lead.
  • A Love for You on June 19, 2015
    (no rating)
    How could I not fall in love with Gwyn. Being slightly damaged with baggage only made her more desirable and Nick would agree with me. If only all of us could find love like this especially later in life........ I envy them and look forward to Samantha's story. Keep writing Avery and I will follow along for the ride.