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  • Fear Not (Book 3 in the Wilton/Strait Mystery Series) on Aug. 17, 2012

    Brian and Andrea are back, the likeable characters we have gotten to know in the two previous books. They are strong in their faith, sweetly in love with each other, and willing to risk personal danger to right wrongs committed by the bad guys. Armed with this courage, an overt prayer life and a complete reliance on omnipotent and omnipresent God, they find themselves in and out of one scary situation after another. The scenario is perhaps a little far-fetched-how could no one on the cruise ship notice so many men vanishing?-but suspend disbelief and enjoy the suspense. There are plenty of action and intrigue, plot twists and deceitful, treacherous characters. The ending is completely unexpected —a cliffhanger that will make you reach for the fourth book in the series for answers. Although this book can be read as a stand-alone, you will want to read the others for the back story. I received a review copy of the book from the author but the opinions expressed are solely mine.
  • Silence on Aug. 22, 2012

    The two main characters, private eye partners Brian and Andrea, have already tackled evil biker gangs, drug traffickers, racist terrorists, and illegal organ procurement in the first three books, and the heart-pounding action takes off running from the first page in this fourth book in the series. Although SILENCE could stand alone, the reader is well advised to read them in order so as not to miss anything. We could guess from the cliffhanger ending of Book 3, FEAR NOT, that Brian and Andrea were not going to be able to settle down for some happily-ever-after just yet. As they joyfully anticipate their wedding and their adoption of a little Haitian girl they already love, they are suddenly plunged into another crisis when Andrea is abducted by white slavers. Brian and their friends, Troy, Diane, and Trent, frantically search for Andrea in the streets of Miami while she struggles to control her fear while in captivity. It is obvious that time is running out for her, and her situation seems dire. SILENCE is a Christian suspense novel. This means that there is plenty of intrigue and chilling mystery while the characters openly practice their faith, pray for guidance and peace, and depend on their God for strength and wisdom. Andrea’s hearing of God’s words asking for her to trust Him was the Christian thrill equivalent of the miraculous healing of Brian’s injured shoulder in the last book. The Christians in the book don’t always have all the right answers and certainly fear and panic attack them as well as anyone else, but they have learned that God can be relied on to be with them no matter what happens to them. This gives them the ability to face danger and physical injury with the confidence that God will work things out for them—in this life or the next. So this book is recommended for those who like to be uplifted by powerful Christian witness while they experience vicarious thrills and chills of the very likeable characters. I received a review copy from the author. The opinions expressed are solely my own.