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  • Crimson Dreams on Oct. 17, 2010

    Just my cuppa tea this - a very short, clever, twist in the tale story. A name to watch out for, for sure. Can't wait to read more of Mr Woodhead's tales!!
  • The Dead Don't Beg on Nov. 27, 2010

    I'm intrigued by this tale. Downloaded all four the other night and read them one after the other, so that's a good sign. Really curious as to what's going on and "whodunnit". I enjoy a good mystery so please crack on with the next parts, Bridget (how many left??) and put me out of my misery! ;-D
  • Well on Dec. 19, 2010

    Another dark and disturbing short tale by Ms Squires. And I really liked it. A most effective prose style paints such a vivid and authentic picture that you can almost smell the filth and dankness. Not quite sure why the previous reviewer only felt it worthy of 2 stars, but as they say - there's no accounting for taste. Ms Squires goes from strength to strength and it's great to see that she's doing the most important thing for any writer - she KEEPS WRITING!! (not always as easy as it sounds!) Looking forward to your next Bridget!!
  • The Dead Don't See: The Making of a Killer on Dec. 22, 2010

    Another dark offering from Ms Squires, and one that is again finely and vividly drawn with descriptive prose and deep, authentic, characterisation. Both interesing and disturbing to see the birth of a killer, who, if the truth be told, one can empathise with and understand to a degree after reading this. Not that that validates their behaviour; just makes it a slightly greyer area for the reader to contemplate. Thingsa aren't so black and white in the real world, and Bridget has reflected that here. Yet another finely written piece! And again - I look forward to reading more from this author!
  • Lasting Impressions of Terror on Feb. 16, 2011

    I read this entire collection on a train journey yesterday and didn't want to out it down. Great collection - and all for FREE!! Just TOO generous (as Stuart points out: "there are other collections nowhere near this standard, being charged for" Indeed). My personal favourite would have to be "MADAME CHERIE'S TWISTED TREASURES" - wonderful tale and one I could easily see adapted into an Amicus Anthology type movie!! So another fine offering over all from Bridget, whose writing just goes from strength to strength! Keep 'em coming, Ms!