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I am married with 5 children. I am an attorney by profession and stay up way too late reading. I have been stalking about on this site for a while but have just joined Smashwords for two reasons. One, I want to publish some of my own stuff (getting it all together and hopefully will start uploading soon) and two, I wanted to review some of the really fine works that I have read on Smashwords. I have a friend that says that "flowers are for the living." I agree and wanted to share my appreciation.


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  • When Graveyards Yawn - The Apocalypse Trilogy: Book One on July 20, 2011

    How many times can you say that a story is so original that you have never read anything like it? The characters are so twisted and strange, yet the depth of characterization is so deep you find yourself completely convinced in their existence. The plot has so many layers you will probably resist the impulse to describe it to a friend because it would take so long to set it up and you wouldn't do it justice anyway. Just hand them your e-reader and let them enjoy it themselves. Dark, disturbing, political (the dead are a metaphor, I believe), hilarious, well-crafted and satisfying. Enough plot twists for several novels. It would make a great movie if anyone could pull it off---which I doubt. I thought I knew where the plot was going several times before I just gave up and enjoyed the ride. You will too. Get the book. You are welcome in advance. I bought Bent Steeple too and am looking forward to reading that one too.