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Chris Parker started writing during his community college years until he transferred to a film school, Columbia College Hollywood. There he came up with many stories such as, The Son of Light. However, he went to school to become an editor. After earning his BA, Chris went back to his first love, writing.

Smashwords Interview

Do you remember the first story you ever wrote?
Yes. After I created a whole family of people made out of pipe cleaners, I wrote about their adventures. This was around 2000 to 2005.
What is your writing process?
Are you kidding me? It's all over the place! Recently, I've been writing on the bus and subways. Sometimes I write about the story and then realize I need to flush out a certain character more. So then I'll spend a few days just writing about a character. Sometimes I even go shopping for that character.

But I mainly think about what's in my heart. It used to be about the battles in my stories. But now it's more about the people in the story.
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The Son of Light
"There shall come a time when the Demon Lord will return and with him...the apocalypse." For teens and adults who love dark fantasy and epic fantasy books. The Son of Light was a being a great power until he was murdered by the Demon Lord Hexen. Now, the Son of Light has been reborn in the form of a strange, skinny, and sheltered teenager named Joshua Suzuki. Now, Josh has to survive in a world with Demon Titans, zombie-like armies, and a bloodthirsty Demon Lord.


The Son of Light Book 1: Rebirth (2021 Edition)
Series: The Son of Light. Price: Free! Words: 146,420. Language: English. Published: April 18, 2015. Categories: Fiction » Fantasy » Dark, Fiction » Fantasy » Epic
Ages ago, The Son of Light was a being of great power. But, he was murdered by the ruthless Demon Lord, Hexen. In 2018, The Son of Light has been reborn in the form of a sheltered, strange, young man named Joshua Suzuki who lives with his older brother Nicholas Suzuki. But during a surprise birthday party for Nicholas's best friend Seth Parker, the Demon Lord returns and with him the apocalypse.

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    Very good advice. This is a must read for self-publishers. What worked best for me were video trailers, since I am an editor. Mark really goes out of his way to make marketing your book easier to understand. Thank you so much Mark.
  • Nicio Comics: Series 0 on June 28, 2015

    Funny. Makes me want to go back in time and go to school again.