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Live in Melbourne, work at an Italian club as a gaming supervisor and enjoy dressing up as an elf with friends to relive our favorite LOTR moments. Love all things fantasy and enjoy anything that requires imagination. Reality is a highly overrated concept.


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  • Haley's Comet on Oct. 24, 2012

    We all get seduced when travelling to new places, usually it's by the landscape though in this story that is slightly more literal. A hot read.
  • Reunion: An Erotic Lesbian Love Story on Oct. 24, 2012

    Kiera and Jessie certainly steamed things up, well done Eva.
  • Conquer Your Addiction on Oct. 24, 2012

    Definitely understand what Mikey is saying about modern life, people nowadays have no imagination so they resort to drugs to try to 'expand their minds' instead. Modern life and modern technology has a lot to answer for, it makes people fat, lazy and stupid. Mikey speaks bluntly but honestly about a serious problem. Five stars for the effort.
  • Yellow Horizon: War of the Auras on Oct. 24, 2012

    I enjoy my fantasy literature, perhaps more than the average reader and so finding this was like finding gold for me. Jessica has a great writing style that pulls you in to the story and her characters are likeable and easy to relate to. Keep it up Jessica, this is great.
  • Smokers Are The New Jews on Jan. 30, 2013

    Yes, like the others I too enjoyed the poem but it's hard to feel sorry for people who do nothing but make their own health shitty and that of those around them. I feel no sympathy for smokers whatsoever, especially the disgusting ones who smoke around their children. Worthless selfish bastards. And they're always in groups around entrances to almost every building you walk in and I'm just sick of them. End rant lol.
  • Off Call on Jan. 30, 2013

    I'd say it could do with a spell check but when the bedroom scenes are this hot it's not like you really notice anyway. Awesome story.
  • Sexy Briefs: Stocking Stuffers on Jan. 30, 2013

    Read the first few stories and of these I found M. Christian's to be the one that really got my attention.
  • Hypnosister on May 17, 2013

    Liked the story and laughed at the first part of Cherry Popper. Thought it was cleverly done.