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Alexander Levitzki
Latest book: Shady Scientists. Published June 25, 2012.
Åvald Norén
Latest book: Så många moln. Published February 24, 2013.
Bert Ola Gustavsson
Latest book: Monkeys, Mice and Crocodiles. Published February 9, 2015.
Colin Moon
Latest book: Sweden - the Secret Files. Published October 27, 2011.
Eero Tarik
Latest book: Beyond the Dawn of Time. Published June 23, 2018.
Guy J Sims
Latest book: Julian Assange in Sweden. Published September 10, 2012. (5.00 from 1 review)
Håkan Anderberg
Latest book: Internet Generation (English). Published May 8, 2015.
Herbert Howard
Latest book: 113 Things To See And Do In Wales. Published February 27, 2013.
Ingar Frimansson
Latest book: The Island of Naked Women. Published April 21, 2010.
J. Adams
Latest book: Tears of Heaven. Published August 18, 2010. (4.00 from 1 review)
Jan Ulrik Friis
Latest book: 'Fremtid'. Published June 21, 2011.
Jon Thorpe
Latest book: The Novagem. Published June 6, 2010. (3.00 from 1 review)
Ken Johnson
Latest book: Ancient Word of God. Published March 20, 2013.
KG Johansson
Latest book: De gröna demonerna - Jorden i fara, del 2. Published November 21, 2012.
Mark Coakley
Latest book: Berserk Revenge. Published November 7, 2009. (4.00 from 1 review)
Mikael Helmetsmith
Latest book: Wallflower Swede. Published March 17, 2012.
Mike Crowson
Latest book: Dead or Missing. Published December 22, 2017.
MJ Walther
Latest book: Mäster Marionett. Published October 4, 2015.
O-O Happiness
Latest book: Online Security – Password Keys. Published May 28, 2014.
Patrik Blomqvist
Latest book: Sagan. Published August 26, 2010.
peter dancey
Latest book: Russian 'Cold War' VG Wing Design Testing. Published August 5, 2012.
Rachel Benson Gifford
Latest book: Seedlings. Published April 12, 2013.
Raymond Davis
Latest book: Dark Side of Justice. Published December 14, 2011.
Shahzad Rizvi
Latest book: Khyber Pass. Published January 29, 2013.
Sigfrid Lindhe
Latest book: Omoral. Published August 11, 2014.
Sofie Trinh Johansson
Latest book: Leva utan skugga. Published June 5, 2017.
Sophie Karppinen
Latest book: När rättvisan sviktar. Published November 17, 2012.
Venice Kichura
Latest book: Highlights of Beautiful China. Published December 4, 2013.
Wm. McCall
Latest book: Affair in Ostersund (Inga Eyvindsdottir). Published July 4, 2012.