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Christie St Claire isn’t her real name and these are more than just stories. You could say she uses the name Christie St Claire to protect the innocent, which isn’t to say she is innocent, quite the reverse. There has been a scandal at Fenton University that involved the Cheerleader Squad and a good portion of the Board of Trustees. Christie St Claire is doing everything she can and a lot of things she shouldn’t to find out what happened.

You shouldn’t really read Christie St Claire’s stories. She is using them to expose the sordid sexual lives of the Fenton University Cheerleader Squad. The stories are personal accounts from cheerleaders about their dirty little lives. If a character is too familiar, then you might just know them. What you won’t know is what they do in secret, and that’s what Christie St Claire will show you.

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  • The Houston Trip on April 09, 2014

    Loved the sexual tension just waiting for Chelsea to see some action. And a good bit of of action everyone got to see.
  • Melody in Lingerie (BDSM Erotica) on Aug. 18, 2014

    Melody is your shy are retiring type who has a dirty little secret (I love those dirty little secrets), she has a thing for lingerie. My kind of girl. At the weekend, she spends her time shopping for the most scandal pieces of lingerie to wear underneath her clothes and it is on one weekend trip that everything changes. Meeting a well dressed, polite older man in the lingerie store, Melody begins an innocent enough relationship that ends in complete seduction with a whole load of kinky BDSM thrown in. The changing booth scene develops into sordid sex. Just the way I like it. The seduction is played beautifully with the story providing the right balance of the believable and down and dirty fantasy. If you want BDSM and seduction look for Melody.
  • Workers Playtime. on May 27, 2015

    A tasty story from the mouth of Anna herself. She is a perverted girl more than happy to mix business with pleasure. I look forward to hearing more from her.