Christine Lacedra


Christine Lacedra is an empowerment mentor for highly sensitive women.
She is also an Author, speaker, innovative thinker, creative, natural medicine woman & messenger of the heart of the earth.
Christine inspires and guides women to use their gift of being highly sensitive to heal and empower themselves. Being highly sensitive herself she has found the quickest and easiest way to access her own personal power and sense of peace is through the heart of nature. She believes that by connecting deeply with nature we can not only heal and empower ourselves but also heal and empower the planet.

Christine also helps her students to move beyond the usual boundaries and assumptions of society and their own cultural conditioning so they can more fully expand their perception and hearts and so connect more easily with the beautiful, safe, radiant and energetic heart of nature.
She has over 10 years teaching experience and is also the author of ‘Finding home; connecting with the healing power of nature’, ‘4 simple keys to living an empowered life’, Empowered Nature Meditations; for personal and planetary healing’, ‘Shamanic Love Poems’ and the creator of the upcoming step by step system for connecting with the spiritual and energetic heart of nature.

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