Chrissie Anthony


I have a confession to make. I am an incurable romantic, hopelessly addicted to the f word – Fantasy. Conjuring tall tales and true, where happy endings emerge from the barest glimmers of light and hope, is my raison d’etre.

I am not much into the other f word. Not for me, the crude ugliness of the language to describe sex and genitalia or the brutish, mechanical and submissive nature of pornography. The beauty and joy of sex, sensuality, sensitivity, communication, intimacy and the heart connection is what fascinates me and stirs my loins.

In this fantasy, I lead the way into a brave new world where a woman shakes off the shackles of the past, reclaims power and ownership over her body, and rediscovers the pleasures and delights of the flesh. A beautiful world where women are in harmony with nature and the cycles of the moon and revered as goddesses.

What a fabulous fantasy it is! But at times it plays havoc with my grip on the real world which is cause for consternation of family, friends and playmates. That is when my alter ego, Chrissie Anthony, is liberated.

What woman could possibly write a story like this and own it for all the world to see. I’m not that brave, but Chrissie Anthony is.

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