Chris Miller


Chris’s legitimate professions in no particular order include pig farm slave, factory cookie maker, geriatric orderly, painter (of apartments and townhouses), technical writer, paper boy, restaurateur (mostly dish washer), developer of software (mostly compilers and transaction gateways) and mower of lawns (mostly Leo Blau's @ a dollar a pop). His current vices include caffeine (coffee, green tea and chocolate) and writing (genre, literary and experimental). He cried a little when David Wallace hung himself. But other than that one outburst, he’s been remarkably stoic given the state of everything.

Work currently published or otherwise archived online:

How to Write a Rejection Slip

Take Our Kids to Work Day

Aims and Objectives of the American Cribbage Congress

Ganymede Dreams


Michelangelo’s Chisel

An Infallible System of Roulette


Heart of Passage

Larry and Wanda

Measured Responses

On Humanity’s Indefatigable Quest for Perfection

On The Nature of Thin Air

On Mental Illness

The Jellyfish

Adam and Eve Reading (almost) Quietly in the Bathroom

The Breakwater

The Rocking Chair

Miss Block

Pop Chris' Teeth

The Bird

The Inevitable Roundness of Everything

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