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  • Evan Burl and the Falling, Vol. 1-2 on Sep. 24, 2013

    Evan Burl and the Falling is a truly unique and wonderful story. It is a fantasy with a touch of steampunk thrown into it. It's a Young Adult book that adults will love. It's the classic tale of good versus evil, yet who is good and who is evil? Even by the end of this first book in the series, we aren't quite sure. The characters in this book are truly well-developed. You can feel the evil forces at work in the plot. The whole atmosphere is dark and foreboding. The settings remind me of the atmosphere in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, which is one of my favorite books in that series. It's gloomy and dank and dark, yet somehow there is hope. Though it's believed that Evan is destined to turn into a "monster," hope lies in the fact that our choices help shape our destiny. A lot of different characters and settings make the book at times frustrating since you want to know what is happening elsewhere, but I like when books make you feel that way. It's not all laid out at the outset, and you have to dig a little deeper to see how all of the characters fit together. The ending is definitely not the end, so don't read this with the expectation that there will be closure. There's no closure. You need to read this book knowing that it is the jumping off point of a much larger story. I highly recommend it! This review first appeared on my blog here: