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What are you working on next?
A full-length novel about a young King Arthur. No Lancelot or Bedwyr, but there will be characters with similar names. I hope the novel is good, but I can guarantee the culture, technology, and names will be perfectly accurate.
Who are your favorite authors and why?
Arthur C. Clarke; because he was so amazingly creative and had such an excellent grounding in technology and science.
Frank Herbert; his vision of humanity's possible futures and his thoughts on ecology were astonishing.
Isaac Asimov; he created an entire universe spanning thousands of years with dozens of different characters and story arcs that intermingle - good model.
J.R.R. Tolkien; with an excellent grounding in mythology he made his own universe.
Marijas Gimbutas; quite a vision of our past.
Joseph Campbell; an understanding of our common psyche so deep that I learn from him every time I read a new book.
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