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Smashwords book reviews by Clarksvill

  • Rex Rising (Elei's Chronicles, #1) on Sep. 28, 2011

    Rex Rising combines the best of both SF and fantasy. Set in a thoroughly convincing, complex and troubled world, with fascinating parasites that live in strange combinations with human life, it also provides the fantasy thrill of an unsuspecting hero singled out by destiny to be pushed to his limits. The author’s skill soon worked its magic on me and her astonishing knack for turning things up notch by notch propelled the story to a positively cinematic crescendo. The conclusion felt so satisfying that the idea of a sequel was almost an unexpected bonus – surely the perfect way to begin a series. Elei’s character rings very true. He’s as likely to worry about where he’ll sleep at night as how he’ll stay alive long enough to do so. His need for a sense of belonging, even amongst danger and suspicion, is a key to the book’s success for me. Add to this the fact that you feel he will survive, if only on a combination of spirit and adrenaline, and you have Elei. I can’t wait to see how (and how much) the upcoming stories shape him. He already knows by instinct what’s important in life, but clearly there’s a whole lot in store for him and although I may not be a member of the target audience, I don’t intend to miss a moment of it!