The information presented herein is a result from my personal experiences, conversations with hundreds of people and visiting church services over my 74 years of life, taking notes, and reading my bible. Many of the men and women I met throughout my life shared and contributed personal intimate information with me. The results are my own feelings and discoveries and my opinions of the information I have learned. The information worked for me.

I must add that we are in a war with the spiritual world! Unfortunately most people are not aware of this or ignore this knowledge or don’t understand whats going on around themselves. This information is designed to help equip those who want to do something about this condition. It is up to you to use or not to use, to believe or not to believe. Know this, the material worked for this Christian with faith, belief, and trust in Jesus Christ of Nazareth. How much faith do you have?

The best to you and your loved ones in this war against spiritual aliens.


How to deal with hate, anger and a lack of forgiveness!

The danger of carrying hate and anger in your heart!

How to forgive completely, totally and absolutely!

How to pray and to whom!

How to have peace of mind in Jesus Christ of Nazareth!

What are, “Higher Powers,” “Higher Authorities,” “Physical Authorities,” “Physical Powers,” “Spirit Guides,” “Demons,” “Devils,” and “Spiritual Beings?”

What are their goals?

How are they achieving their goals?

Who is the voice inside of your head from?

God does not speak to HIS Saints with a voice, only through HIS written word!

By what right do they possess me or others?

How to destroy demons and spiritual beings safely!

“My personal victory over satan and his spiritual beings!”

How you too can be a winner over your demons!

Remember the Jones Town followers had a voice in their heads and they committed suicide.

How to have power and authority in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth over demons / spirit guides / spiritual beings / spiritual aliens / higher powers, devils every day.

What are spirit guides, spiritual aliens?

What are higher authorities, higher powers?

What are physical powers, physical authorities?

What is the physical energy attacking humans?

How powerful are they over my body, mind and soul?

How do I detect demon / spirit guide possession of my self and other?

Can they force me to do things I don’t want to do?

Can they destroy me if I don’t follow their influence?

By what right do they possess me or others?

Demons / spirit guides / spiritual aliens safe?

If not safe, how do I get rid of them?

Can I really get rid of them?

Can I keep them from possessing me?

Can they be destroyed by humans?

How to have power and authority over demons / spirit guides.


This is my victory over the attempts of the demonic to possess my mortal body, mind and soul. How you too can be free physically, mentally and emotionally from your demon or demons. Whether you call your demon by a given name or recognize it by calling it, a higher power, physical power, higher authority, spirit guide, spiritual being, spiritual alien, physical energy, or as a demon, devil, or if you have multiple personalities, or you are gay. I’ll teach you how to identify and recognize demons. How you can become free. How to destroy demons safely. I’ll teach you their goals and how they achieve their goals. How easy it is for them to accomplish their goals through our own personal lusts. Their ability to pass from one generation to the following generation without obstruction through the same family.

I have spent the last 30 years searching out solutions and trying to understand the consequences of traumatic experiences in a person’s life. My wife of 17 years experienced 29 traumatic experiences including: twice being raped, brother-in-law trying to kill her. I witnessed the dramatic change in her personality seeing her a few hours after murdering her baby in her womb. I saw the change in her two infant children having witnessed their mother’s rape and held as hostage. I married her two years later thinking my love and forgiveness would help her heal. Instead, she and her children transferred their hate and anger to me two years into our marriage.

Shrinks 20 years later, 1987-1988, explained to me that they felt safe, thereby transferred their hate to me, and informed me, I should look at it as a very high compliment. They explained because I practiced turning the other cheek, I will have others take advantage of me.
I felt it was a cop out on their ability to know and understand my now ex or anyone else in the same situation. Nor did they have a working solution to her problems. Only one shrink could even explain the consequences of experiencing a traumatic experience. I will learn each traumatic experience a person goes through in their life, the following one doubles the consequences of the previous experience. Working 10 of my wife’s experiences out, the 10th was a thousand and twenty-four times worse than the first experience affecting my now ex. Taking it out to the twentieth experience equaled a million times worse than the first. When visiting six or seven shrinks and mentioning only 3 or 4 of my wife’s experiences, they all admitted she was a very sick woman.

I have not found peace without finishing the material in this book. I feel the material will help most people who really and truly want peace of mind, tranquility, joy and happiness for the rest of their life. I will give solutions to and suggestions on how to become well. I’ll also explain the role of spirit guides, evil spirits, spiritual aliens, higher powers, devils, demons, and how they played into the problems my wife was experiencing.

I’ll explain how spirit guides, spiritual beings tried to physically force themselves into my body, how I resisted their attempts to possess me. I will describe many of the attacks from spirit guides / evil spirits. How I identified the spirit guides / evil spirits. You’ll be able to do so to your own satisfaction upon finishing this book. I’ll teach you their goals, how to detect them, how to become free of their influence, physically and mentally of their possession of yourself.

Whether you call your internal being: a spirit guide, alien spirit, evil spirit, higher power, physical power, higher authority, physical energy, or if shrinks have informed you that you have multiple personalities, you are gay or have mental disease, or having voices in your head, the information in this book will help you become well. I will explain how you can prove for yourself what I have written is true.

Are demons destroying your life or the life of a loved one? Getting rid of a demon, each person needs to decide to do on their own. No one should decide for you or do without your permission. The only exception you are a child, spouse or in defense of your country.

I’ll describe some of my personal experiences during my life so when I explain how to be free, you believe. I pray you will follow the simple instructions, as I tell my story. I describe how and when I learned, how I applied the learned experience to my life.

I realize that I’ve said a lot for the unbeliever of demons. However, before you are through reading, the existence of demons and their possession of humans should be real to you. I’ll describe the effects they have on our lives without our understanding and all too often our personal knowledge.

The material in this book is designed to help anyone who has experienced a trauma or traumatic experience. The experience could be from WAR, RAPE, STOLEN FROM, ACCIDENTS OR FROM MOTHER NATURE, the person could be a witness or an intended victim.

My goal is to help one person. I pray that person be you. I pray that you have an open mind so you can finish this from cover to cover. May you receive personal freedom from anger, hate and a lack of forgiveness. This will truly be the first day of your life when you completely finish and share with your loved ones.

I challenge you to follow the solution for your healing with faith, belief and trust with what is written here. I personally have used the material and it worked for me. I’ve been 100% truthful to the best of my mortal being. When successful and you want to understand how this was successful, read the Holy Bible. Write the verses down from the bible on the pages of this book as they apply. You’ll find verses in the back to get you going.

Read this with an open mind and soul for your success today and everyday. I highly recommend this book for your wellness, physically and mentally. Read this book today and follow the instructions for yourself, family and friends. This information will help anyone having experienced any traumatic experience, including WAR.

The movie, and TV rights to my personal story is for sale. CVDJR





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