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  • The Dark Side of Disney on Dec. 31, 2011

    I had not been to Disney in over twenty years. On a recent trip to Orlando, I was introduced to the concept of DSOD. Without specifically advocating any potentially untoward activities, the author does a fantastic job of explaining how one might enjoy Disney in ways not specifically intended by the park's designers. Only a true fan of WDW could have written this book; the suggestion by some that that the DSOD subverts the very spirit of Disney is as misplaced as it is silly. Respect for both Cast Members, and other guests remains paramount throughout the entire book. Having said that, Churchill warned us to "Never trust a man who has not a single redeeming vice." The Dark Side of Disney is a well-written and humourous guide to how one might indulge one or more of those vices in the midst of white bread and white picket fences so that a good time can be had by all. Well done.